The Perfect Color Schemes for a Spring Wedding

Are you planning a spring wedding, and you’re unsure what color combination you should set for your wedding theme? These are a few perfect color schemes for a spring wedding for you to choose from.

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Light Pink and Peach

Do you want a color scheme that screams SPRING? Baby pink with peach and light yellow is the color combination for your dreams. Have your bridesmaids pick out yellow, peach, and pink dresses to complete the look. Add light pink and peach roses to add a romantic feel to your wedding.

Neutral Green and Mauve

Neutrals are great to use in the wedding world, no matter what time of year it is. If you want neutrals, try green and mauve to keep spring in the forefront. If you want to add another color, add beige, brown, or tan. It’s a beautiful color combination!

Gold, Fuchsia, and Turquoise

Many people use fuchsia for summer weddings, but when brides pair it with golds and pleasant blues, it becomes the perfect combination for a spring affair. Give this color combination a try if you’re looking for something different and memorable.

Spring Lavender

You’ve got yourself the perfect spring wedding when you choose lavender! Pair this classic color with rich greens and the right flowy bridesmaid dress, and bam! Also, don’t be scared to add deeper shades of purple or vibrant pops of yellow to make the scheme more dynamic.

Peach and Gray

Another perfect color scheme for a spring wedding is peach and gray. This spring palette complements many skin tones, making it easier to find bridesmaid dresses perfect for every woman in your bridal party.

Yellow and Blue

This color combination is vibrant and stunning! It’s perfect for the bride who’s getting married later in the spring season and wants to usher in the vibrancy of summer.

No matter which of these perfect color schemes for a spring wedding you use, you’ll make a beautiful bride. Enjoy this lovely time planning your wedding with the love of your life!

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