How to Encourage Your Child To Love Learning

Raising a child is one of the most rewarding things that a parent can do, but it’s certainly not easy. You have to help your child to navigate life as they grow and develop, as well as explain some difficult changes and life lessons. There are ups and downs, and it’s easy to let some things go.

When children are old enough to go to school, it’s tempting to leave their education entirely in the hands of their teachers or tutors. However, as their parents, you still have a lot to teach your children. 

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Providing Extra Help When Needed

Most children will likely need an extra helping hand when it comes to their education. This can range from helping with their homework to providing a tutor for extra lessons. The coronavirus saw a huge rise in home learning, where parents had to step up and sometimes even take on the work of a teacher for their children.

The good news is that there are tools that can provide this extra help for your children. For example, a phonics book set can help your teenagers to develop their reading and decoding skills. The books are designed to be enjoyable but helpful as well and can boost vocabulary, phonics skills, and comprehension abilities. 

When it comes to your child’s education, the important thing is to support their learning and to help them to discover their strengths and shore up their weaknesses. Your child may need more or less help, but the best way to find out what you can do to help is to consult with your child and their teacher. 

The Process, Not the Grade

One common mistake that parents make is to focus entirely on their child’s grades, rather than how they earn those grades. While you may simply be trying to encourage your child to succeed or to show pride in high grades, this focus can make your child feel as though your love and approval are conditional.

Grades matter, but they aren’t the most important thing. A grade is simply a way of demonstrating how well your child is doing and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Focus instead on how they got their grade. If it’s better or worse than usual, why? Can you provide more support? 

If you have more than one child, don’t expect both to excel in the same subjects. Some people are more academically minded than others, but they are both just as valuable and worthy of your love. Education isn’t a competition. 

Encouraging Hobbies and Skills

As well as helping your child to love learning when it comes to more academic pursuits, you should also foster a love of learning about other things. If your child has hobbies or interests, then encourage them to develop them and to learn skills outside of school. For example, if your child has an interest in cars, then you can nurture that and encourage them to tinker and discover more about their interest. You never know, this might be where their future career lies.

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