4 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Some babies fall asleep when their little heads touch the pillow, but other little ones fight sleep with every bit of their being. A tired baby is cranky, and no new parent wants to deal with a fussy infant as they grasp the basics of parenthood. Plus, sleep is vital and helps your little one grow strong. Keep reading this article for guidance and tips to help your baby sleep through the night.

Photo by Dobromir Dobrev on Pexels.com

Create a Bedtime Routine

Nighttime routines are important at any age since they give our minds time to wind down so we can decompress before falling asleep. Babies can’t do this on their own, so it’s up to you to prepare them for dreamland. 

Experts recommend creating a bedtime routine and sticking to it specifically because babies do best when they know what to expect. Why? Because they’ve just entered a world where everything is new, and they don’t know what to expect. When their mommy and daddy maintain a routine, they learn to associate certain activities with bedtime.

Example Routine

If you don’t know where to begin with your precious one’s nightly routine, consider:

  1. Giving your baby a warm bath
  2. Dressing them in cozy jammies
  3. Swaddling them in a soft blanket
  4. Cuddling together and rocking them
  5. Reading a story or singing a lullaby
  6. Kissing them goodnight and placing them in the crib

The most important part of a nightly routine is keeping it as regular as possible so that your baby associates those activities with sleep. Keep everything soothing and avoid excitement like playtime.

Use a Paci

Another tip to help your baby sleep through the night is to use a paci. Pacifiers are a wonderful tool, so it’s no wonder that parents and babies love them! If your baby often wakes up crying, consider giving them a pacifier to help them self-soothe and remain comfortable. By picking the right pacifier for your baby, you’ll help them relax. For example, some companies create pacifiers intended for teething babies that let them bite down and relieve their gums.

Remain Patient

Honestly, most newborns don’t sleep through the night. Most babies wake up hungry or due to wet diapers in their early stages of life. Sometimes, your little one may feel uncomfortable, especially if they’re not feeling well or begin teething. Remember that all of this is perfectly normal. If you have concerns about your little one’s sleeping schedule, reach out to your pediatrician to find out what’s typical.

Listen to Your Baby

What’s most important is keeping your baby comfortable and doing everything in your power to soothe them when they’re upset. If your baby never seems tired at the bedtime you’ve established, consider pushing it back or moving it up. 

Pay attention to the signs your baby shows in the evening to determine when they start to get tired: yawning, rubbing eyes, fussiness, etc. By getting your baby ready for bed when they begin appearing tired, you are more likely to help them get a great night of rest.

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