How To Protect Your Kid’s Privacy Online

We cannot deny that technology is a massive part of our lives, from tablets to TVs and phones. Some technological devices like our phones are necessary and allow our children to contact us no matter where they are. A phone gives us peace of mind, but it isn’t a device that is without danger, and the same goes for any device that connects to the internet. As such, we must do everything we can to protect our kid’s privacy online.

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Parental Control

Thankfully, you can put parental control software on your child’s devices. This software allows you to choose the apps they can access. Many apps have networking features wherein your child can converse with nearly anyone on the internet. Unless they have an authorized online friend, their conversations should only be with people they know in real life, like family and friends. 

Read Fine Print

Often, when you download a new app, a notification will pop up that alert you to the terms and conditions of the app. Many of us will agree to these without reading them thoroughly. However, you must make sure to read the fine print, as the acceptance of these agreements can allow access to the microphone. Don’t click “okay” right away; you can choose to deny the app access to various functions of your device.

Make Guidelines

One of the best ways to protect your kid’s privacy when they are online is to develop safety guidelines they must follow when they’re online. It is impossible to be with your child every moment they are on their devices. Equipping them with the knowledge of how to surf the web safely is a way you can always protect them even when you aren’t around. 

Think Twice

If your child loves to spend time on photography-based apps, make sure to have them think twice before posting. They don’t have to do away with posting pictures, but they should learn to be more cautious with their posts. For example, have them avoid posting pictures behind or near buildings that one can recognize. Moreover, when they upload their photos, there is usually the option to mark your location, which you want them to avoid. 

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