What to Do When Pests Invade Your Property

Pests are, as the name suggests, a pest. They invade homes, gardens, and commercial properties alike. They can be destructive, unhygienic, and unsightly. For example, if you’re trying to help your garden grow, then getting rid of any pests is one of the first things you need to do. 

The good news is that, while pests might be attracted to your property, there are things that you can do to discourage them or get rid of them. Here are some tips to help you to deal with any pests invading your property.


It’s been said that, often, prevention is better than a cure. This is because the cure can sometimes be harmful and, even if it isn’t, you will still have to repair any damage done before the problem can be removed. It’s often easier to stop pest infestation from developing in the first place.

Pests are attracted to things that they can eat, usually food waste or other debris. The first step to reducing pest issues is to stop providing this food. Throw food waste out and secure your bins, and if you do compost, make sure that pests can’t get in. 

They also like sheltered areas that they can use to live and hide in, although it’s sometimes impossible to eliminate those completely. You can secure your garden physically by checking the fences and making sure that everything is sealed up. This will make it harder for larger pests to get into your garden. If you have a pest problem outside, then keep your doors and windows shut to stop it from spreading into your home.

Natural Pesticides

You can use a variety of pesticides to get rid of current infestations, but some of these are harmful to plants and pets as well. If you have a vegetable or herb garden, then you may not want to put chemical pesticides all over the plants that you’re planning to eat.

Another option is to use natural pesticides. These often aren’t harmful to plants or humans, but pests don’t like them and maybe discouraged from entering your property. Citrus peels and white vinegar are common naturals, gentle cleaning products but they also deter some pests, especially insects. 

Pest Control

You can often tackle pest problems on your own, ideally by stopping them from entering your property. However, sometimes an infestation gets out of hand and it’s more than you can handle. Pests are pests for a reason. They damage plants and property alike. Some pests can even be harmful, either because they carry disease or because, in the case of wasps, they might attack humans. In these situations, there’s often no recourse but to call pest control. When you do so, be sure to explain your pest problem. This way, you get an ant exterminator to deal with ants, rather than another pest entirely. Pest control can help you to reclaim your property and finally get back to enjoying your home and garden.

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