Exciting Outdoor Activities for Your Kids

Having the kids spend time outdoors in the fresh air is a priority for almost every parent. Sometimes, the creativity has run dry, and we need new ideas to keep the kids outside for a few hours. We’ve got a few exciting outdoor activities for your kids to enjoy.

Create Water Sponge Bombs

You’ll need only two items to make your own water bombs. Grab a couple of packs of sponges and elastic bands to bind the bomb pieces together. Cut the sponges into eight equal strips, then bunch them together and wrap the elastic band around the center.

Fill a large bowl with water and let the water wars commence. This activity is excellent for a hot summer day or a particularly warm fall day when the kids need to cool down after school. The children can run around the yard soaking each other or playing tag with the wet sponges.

Sidewalk Chalk Twister

Hopscotch is a go-to for kids with sidewalk chalk. Why not create a twister board on your driveway with chalk? Have the kids draw different colored circles in a specific area to make the game. Then, enjoy playing your homemade twister! The entire family can get in on the fun!

Set Up an Obstacle Course

If you have children who love climbing things and finding new ways to scale the slide, this outdoor activity is for you! Use anything you’ve got around the house, garage, and attic to set up an obstacle course around your yard. Also, you can involve the neighborhood kids to turn this into a community event.

Use your kid’s ride-on car for a fun activity with a twist. They can race around obstacles and then jump out to climb up a rope ladder.

Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This activity takes a bit of mixing and gathering supplies, but once you go puffy paint, you never return. You probably already have most of the items you’ll need in your pantry. You’ll need:

  • One tablespoon of dish soap
  • One cup of flour
  • One cup of water
  • Plastic squeeze bottles
  • One piece of leftover sidewalk chalk

Mix the flour and water, add soap to the dish, and whisk until all the clumps are gone. Grate the sidewalk chalk piece with a cheese grater’s finest setting. Add the sidewalk chalk to the mixture and combine. Then, pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle with a funnel. You can create any color you choose! Have fun!

Join in on the fun with any of these outdoor activities. Your kids will love watching you embrace your inner child. The world is your oyster!

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