What Are the Safest Sports for Children To Play?

What’s popular isn’t always an ideal situation. Football may reign supreme as the most loved sport in this country, but it’s one of the most dangerous sports because of the physical blows in each play. Learning the safest sports for children to play gives you some ideas to steer them toward.

Photo by Jopwell on Pexels.com

Track and Field

A sport that’s mostly independent and predominantly entails running doesn’t have too many concerns for a parent to worry about. That’s why having your children explore the world of track and field or cross-country running is a safe bet. As they progress through life, they may do more riskier track and field events, like the javelin throw or pole vault, but that’s not a concern when they are younger.

Baseball or Softball

Baseball or softball is a haven for parents from the moment their kids can first toss a ball to their adolescent years. There isn’t much physical contact, it’s leisurely, and a machine can deliver pitches to ease the apprehension of one of their peers hitting them in the head with a wild throw.

The game has concerns, like a batted ball striking them before they can put a glove up. However, that’s a rare occurrence, and each league follows strict bat restrictions to guarantee everyone’s safety. Finding the best bat for your kiddo always starts by adhering to the rules and regulations.


The ball is light and soft, there’s no need for an abundance of protection equipment, and they can do it in a shirt, shorts, and shoes. That makes tennis so appealing to parents looking to get their kids into athletics. Watching professional tennis could make you weary, considering the ball travels well over 100 mph. But at the beginning stages of playing, the ball comes in at a snail’s pace, minimizing the risks.


Golf is undoubtedly one of the safest sports for anyone since many play the game until their final days on this spinning rock. There are no strenuous body movements, nor will they overexert themselves. After all, you can play a round sitting in a cart for most of it. The only downside of golf is the price it costs to play. Buying clubs, shoes, apparel, and green fees add up quickly, which is why it’s not a suitable option for everyone.

Knowing what sports are the safest for children to play helps make a long list shorter if safety is your biggest concern. Any of these options can keep their interest for many years, giving them plenty of time to experience the thrill of competition.

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