How To Make The Life Easier For Plus-Size Family Or Friends

People who are plus-sized tend to receive a lot of judgment. Really and truly though, it is entirely up to the individual whether or not they put on weight or lose weight for that matter. People are perfect the way that they are and shouldn’t be made to feel bad about how they look.

One thing that impacts the lives of many plus-sized people negatively is that they aren’t able to live ‘ordinary’ lives because there are various obstacles in the way, like clothing that’s too small for example.

This post will tell you how you can make your plus-sized loved ones feel better about themselves (and how you can make their lives easier).

Home Fittings

Many home fittings are only designed with tiny people in mind. Standard-sized toilet seats, for example, can be very difficult for heavy people to use. The reason for this is that they are usually far too small, making it impossible for people of larger size to comfortably fit on them. According to the reviewers of plus-sized toilet seats, Clearly Large, a toilet seat that’s too small could actually be less stable, making it dangerous for your loved one to use it. If the toilet seat that your loved one is using isn’t large enough for them then it could break, which if it’s made out of porcelain, could be dangerous, and could cause them to cut themselves. Make sure that all of your loved one’s home fittings are sized according to them.

Plus-sized Clothing

Another way of making your loved one’s life easier is to ensure that they always have access to plus-sized clothing. Many manufacturers now make plus-sized clothing. If your loved one is on the heavy side, then you can do them a favor by conducting extensive online research and finding them a clothing manufacturer who can offer them clothes that will fit them. If they have a birthday coming up or if there is a special occasion, then you can actually buy this clothing for them, which they will no doubt appreciate.

Discussing Weight

Your plus-sized loved one doesn’t need to have any more about their weight from you. People who are overweight are shamed on a regular basis. When they are with you, they should be able to relax and feel comfortable, with no fear of judgment. Unless your loved one is taking serious risks with their health (such as eating very unhealthy foods or drinking a lot of alcohol), then you should leave them to it. If they do decide that they want to talk at any time, then listen to them, but whatever you do, don’t judge them.

Making Friends

When one of your loved ones is on the heavy side, a good way of supporting them is to help them to make friends. A lot of people who are large find themselves unable to make friends, more often than not because they have anxiety. It is impossible to live a long, healthy life without friends. Friends provide a support network. You should help your loved one to make more friends if they are suffering from loneliness or if they do not have many friends. Making friends isn’t that hard to do, thanks to social media and also the fact that there are probably many clubs near to you that specialize in things your loved one is interested in.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities and pursuits are still important, even if your loved one is on the heavy side. A lot of people who are overweight tend to think that exercise is pointless, but this is not true. It’s still possible to live a very healthy and happy life if you are overweight. If your loved one is overweight, then you should try to convince them to get involved in sports and outdoor activities with you, not for the purpose of losing weight, but just for their health, mentally and physically.

Internal Development

A lot of heavy people suffer from very serious mental health issues, caused mainly by the fact that they are judged on an almost daily basis by people, some of whom have never even met them. Internal development is a very good way for them to learn the strategies to overcome their fear of judgment or anxiety. You can help them to develop internally by working with a therapist or by helping them to become more confident by escorting them to outdoor activities or to events that they are interested in.

If you have a loved one who’s on the heavy side, then you need to be there to support them. Providing support for your loved one is essential, especially if they don’t have anybody else. Make sure to consider the various points outlined in this post, so that you can be there for your loved one.  

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