Unique Ways To Celebrate the Holidays as a Family

It seems that holidays are becoming more about commercial opportunities and what we can buy than spending time with our families and loved ones. While physical gifts hold a place in many holiday celebrations, holidays are about time spent together. If you’re trying to think of ways that you and your family can spend time together during the holidays, we have some fun ideas. Keep reading to learn about some unique ways to celebrate the holidays as a family.

Donate and Volunteer Together

People often need the most help during the holidays, and if you and your family are in a position to give help, you should do so as a family. For those concerned about winter sicknesses or who feel more comfortable at home, you can work together to arrange donations. You can assign each family member to go through their belongings, like clothes and toys, and decide what they want to donate and what they want to keep. Or you can all work together to go through communal belongings, like kitchenware and books. If you’re not sure what you can donate, look into some donation suggestions for some ideas.

If you and your family want to be more proactive in helping others during the holidays, volunteer together. Many local charities share volunteer opportunities on their websites and social media, so look into the options in your area and decide as a family where and how you want to participate.

Hunt for Candy Canes

There’s something about a good game of hide-and-seek that transcends all ages. It’s why adult children still love egg hunts in the spring, and you can create a winter version to spend quality time together as a family. If your family is mostly adults, assign one adult to hide candy canes or another winter candy of choice around your home or property. Once they hide them, unleash the rest of the family with Santa hats as candy buckets and watch them furiously hunt down the most candy canes for a prize.

If your family has a mix of ages, you can create separate candy cane hunts for different age groups or assign a buddy system for younger and older participants. No matter how you arrange it, watching and helping your loved ones tear through the house after candy is a great way to make memories.

Celebrate Something New

Turn the holidays into something educational for the whole family by celebrating something new together. If there are multicultural holiday celebrations in your area, find out if they’re open to everyone and go together as a family. You can split up at the event if everyone is old enough to go off alone and then report back on what you learned or go through the event together, appreciating a new culture. Just make sure that you appreciate this new culture and holiday, not appropriate it or be rude.

Some unique ways to celebrate the holidays as a family is donating and volunteering together, organizing a candy cane hunt around your house, and learning and celebrating something new together. These options give you and your family the chance to make special memories and focus on each other and your community, which are the most important parts of the holiday season.

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