Vehicle Problems You Should Never Ignore

Everyone encounters car troubles, and we’re all guilty of putting off repairs. However, some vehicle issues require immediate care. Read about the vehicle problems you should never ignore for more information! 

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Fluid Leaks

Unless it’s raining, you shouldn’t see liquid around your car. In fact, a dark puddle underneath your vehicle is a sign that your car is leaking transmission fluid. Every vehicle needs transmission fluid to lubricate the internal parts and cool the transmission. Furthermore, it lets you shift gears with ease. Without the fluid, you risk acceleration delays. If you suspect leaks, check your transmission fluid levels to see if it’s abnormally low. 


Smoke is never a good sign, especially with vehicles. Smoke or steam from underneath the hood may indicate worn gaskets, a bad crankcase, or poor cylinders. Avoid driving when smoke is coming from your car. Instead, call the auto repair shop and have a mechanic visit your home. You don’t want to risk vehicle damage while driving to the shop.


Your car should not vibrate. If it does, that is a bad sign. There are different reasons why cars vibrate including bent axles, a clogged fuel filter, and misaligned wheels. It’s best to let a professional evaluate your vibrating vehicle to make a proper diagnosis. 


Stalling is definitely a problem you should never ignore. Car stalls typically result from issues with the fuel lines, spark plugs, or fuel filter. Stalling is a big safety hazard because it can cause accidents. Even minor hesitation can lead to an accident on congested roads. When you notice stalling, take your car to the mechanic! They will assess your engine and pinpoint the exact problem.

Broken Exterior Lights

Broken exterior lights will give you more than an expensive ticket from a police officer. It affects your driving, especially at night. The lights help you see and help other drivers spot your vehicle. Replacing exterior lights is inexpensive, and you’ll want to fix this issue sooner than later! 

Chipped Windshield

A chipped windshield compromises your safety if you experience a car crash. Additionally, any chip or crack weakens the unit and increases the chance of the chip spreading, thus degrading your car’s structural integrity. Make small repairs now, and don’t wait until you encounter a large windshield crack. 

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