Methods To Keep Your Outdoor Fabric Cushions Clean

Outdoor furniture and accessories withstand some harsh conditions. Your patio accessories like cushions, chairs, and rugs are susceptible to stains, mold, fading, and wear and tear from the rough weather. Learn some of the various methods to keep your outdoor fabric cushions clean to extend the lifetime of your outdoor accessories.

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Tackle Stains Quickly

The sooner you catch a stain on your outdoor fabric accessories, the better. There are many things that can stain your outdoor cushions, such as contact with tree sap, bird droppings, grass clippings, and more. The longer these stains sit on your fabric, the more difficult they will be to remove. They will just become set-in stains if you allow them to sit untouched in the sunlight. 

Act fast with a mild detergent or cleaner and scrub the affected area of your fabric. Then, rinse the area and allow it to dry. Cleaning instructions can vary depending on your type of outdoor fabric, so always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

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Prevent Mold Growth

When choosing outdoor fabric for cushions, it’s essential to select a waterproof variety to prevent mold, but not all outdoor cushions will be completely waterproof. One way to avoid mold growth on outdoor fabrics is to keep them dry. If you know it’s going to rain in advance, store your cushions in a covered area or bring them indoors temporarily. If your outdoor furniture does experience moisture, allow it plenty of time to dry in direct sunlight to prevent mold growth.

When mold growth does occur, use a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar to scrub the affected areas, then rinse them and let them dry.

Store Them for the Season

With winter fast approaching, it can be easy to forget about small items on your outdoor to-do list, such as putting away cushions for the winter. However, leaving them out to experience all the wear and tear the season brings is a surefire way to damage them. The freezing and melting snow can cause mold growth and fabric damage. Instead of leaving them out all year, consider storing your outdoor fabric furniture and accessories in a storage shed or in the garage until spring.

Now that the fall season is here for many parts of the world, don’t forget to take care of your outdoor accessories this season. Remember these methods to keep your outdoor fabric cushions clean, including storing them before winter.

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