Best YouTube Channels to Learn Guitar

Guitarists have a certain charm and appeal about them that makes you want to be like them. For the male guitarist, there is almost nothing more attractive than a guitarist engrossed in the rhythm of a song. For the lady guitarist, the aura and appearance are just too beautiful to ignore; you want to be like them. However, we have an idea of what it took these professionals to get to where they are now.

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If you are willing to make the sacrifice your favorite guitarists made to become great, we’ve got great news for you. First off, you can buy Ethereum and exchange it for a rich guitar course online; there are hundreds available. But, you don’t have to spend a dime to learn how to play the guitar unless you want a more personalized learning experience. These YouTube channels provide rich and free guitar tutorials through which you can start your journey to becoming a great guitarist.

Justin Guitar

Run by Justin Sandercoe, Justin Guitar is one of the best guitar YouTube channels for beginners to learn how to play the guitar. Sandercoe uses his years of experience and beginner-level videos to tutor those who are new to guitar.

However, he also caters to the needs of seasoned, professional guitarists, offering complex solos they can practice to get better. Additionally, he has another YouTube channel where he teaches specific songs; he has charm and efficiency no one can resist.


JamPlay is another fun, immersive, and reliable guitar tutorial channel with over three million subscribers and many tutorial videos. It is a great place to go if you are learning how to play guitar for the first time.

The channel boasts of easy-to-understand tutorial videos, covering everything from basic to pro solos to perfect the skills of seasoned guitarists. The only challenge is that finding the video that suits you best can be hard because there are already too many unstructured videos.

However, JamPlay itself is only a teaser of the lessons the channel offers. To get access to their full courses, you will need to pay a token through their subscription service. Nevertheless, you can still find an incredible selection of lessons on the free JamPlay channel, regardless of your playing level.

Ben Eller Guitars

This 482k-subscriber YouTube channel is one of the best to go to for guitar-playing tips to help you improve. Perhaps you have some guitar experience already, but you did not learn it the right way – or something.

Ben Eller Guitars publishes a series titled “This Is Why You Suck at Guitar” showing you the right way to play the guitar. Thus, if you want to improve upon bag guitar-playing habits you developed along the way, this YouTube channel is worth considering.

Rick Graham

Rick Graham is a crazy-good riff player that you cannot but watch play, even if you aren’t into riffs. He is an impressive player, but what is more impressive is the fact that he plays such that beginners can understand.

Although his riffs may come off as complex, he breaks them down into small chunks that are easy to understand. Also, Riff explains how he makes the riffs easier, making it easier for you to play and practice on your own.

Additionally, he offers arpeggio and shred training videos that are extremely helpful to beginners and seasoned guitarists alike. Riff Graham is a pro when it comes to guitar playing, and a great guitarist and teacher to learn from.

Rock on Good People

Rock on Good People uses free guitar lessons to encourage traffic to its website, but it offers beginner-friendly guitar learning videos. Through their extensive list of videos, the channel walks new musicians through guitar-playing techniques while encouraging healthy playing habits.

The channel reiterates the importance of cultivating healthy guitar-playing habits before you lose yourself in the world of impróv and song covers. The channel has a team of laid-back teachers that teach lessons in such a way that beginners feel relaxed.

Although some of the channel’s videos are targeted at intermediate and advanced players, beginners can learn something valuable. The channel discusses topics that help the new guitarist understand the techniques and healthy habits of playing the guitar.


Run by Nate Savage, Guitareo YouTube channel has almost a million subscribers, spanning beginner to seasoned guitarists. Nate is a skilled guitarist who teaches rhythm, blues, and lead guitars, and the best part is the channel’s organized structure.

Guitareo is beginner-friendly in that its videos come with title screens to make their content clear and understandable. Before showing you how to play, Nate teaches you how to hold the guitar properly, nipping bad habits in the bud.


While some of these channels require that you subscribe for access to their more intensive lessons, you can find rich free lessons. These six channels are some of the best YouTube channels for learning guitar, whether you are a beginner or not. There is a lot to learn, from how to hold the guitar to proper guitar-playing habits and the actual playing.

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