Why Christmas is the Best Time to Declutter Your House

Spring cleaning is a common ritual that many households share. But winter cleaning is just as important, if not more so. Summer is a busy time! House projects, outdoor parties, and the kids on summer break can cause messes to pile up. Before the really cold weather hits, get your home spick-and-span. Here’s why Christmas is the best time to declutter your house. 

Evict Household Pests

As you go in and out of doors, you may inadvertently let a critter or two into your home. Open windows are common culprits, too. Check all your nooks and crannies to ensure you don’t have any mice or spiders living there rent-free. If you wait until winter and find moths in your holiday decorations, they’ll be more difficult to get rid of. Declutter during the fall and banish pests as you find them.

Haul Away Summertime/Fall time Trash

Summer is the prime time for home renovations and projects. As a result, you may have a few piles lying around your backyard that need to go before the first snow of the winter. Fall/winter is the perfect time to toss that junk. You can even hire someone to do this for you. Plus, cleaning the yard is much more comfortable without the heat bearing down on you. 

Make Room for Holidays

No matter what celebrations you have planned for the winter/spring, you can make room for them now. When your home is free of stray pool noodles, and outdoor equipment, you can effortlessly welcome more guests inside. 

Switch Things for the Season

In the months between arid summer, fall, and frigid winter, your home will need a few changes anyway. Decluttering makes that process easier. Switch your light cotton linens for cozy flannels, and pull your fluffiest blankets out of storage. As you get rid of unwanted items, make space to store your summer items in a place that’ll be easy to find come spring. 

Take a weekend or two this fall/winter to do a deep clean and clear up your house. Why is fall/winter the best time to declutter your house? The answer is simple: when the cold weather sets in, indoor spaces become your refuge. Make sure you don’t stuff your home with summer and fall gear you don’t need. Whatever you bring inside for the winter is going to stay there until spring, so make sure it belongs there and has its own space. Don’t delay—the earlier you get your fall/winter cleaning done, the sooner you can make your home welcoming for spring! 

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