5 Ways To Help Kids Explore Their Fashion Style

As they say, parents are children’s first teachers. From the moment the child is born, they are in charge of raising them, teaching them good manners, and emphasizing the value of education. But besides all the instilling lessons to prepare your child for life, helping them explore their fashion style is also essential.

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Fashion helps improve a child’s self-confidence, which also affects their social skills. In light of this, supporting your little one by discovering their style is a must. While most of the time, parents choose clothes for their children, giving them the freedom to make their fashion statement will give them a sense of independence.

If you’re finding it difficult to start, don’t worry; we’ve got you! We’ll provide you with ways to help your kids explore their fashion styles. Let’s get started!

1. Take Your Kids to Shopping but Know Your Limits.

Even though shopping for your kids alone is much easier, it would not really help them explore other clothing options. The goal is to help them discover their fashion style. Therefore, whenever you purchase clothes for your kids, bring them along and let them try everything they want. 

Instead of just choosing your preferred clothing, give them some guidelines about dress codes. Let them understand that even though clothes have no gender, there’s still age-appropriateness that they should be aware of. Remind your little ones to avoid revealing clothes. Encourage them to wear something that expresses their style without going overboard with dress codes.

2. Talk to Them About the Art of Fashion. 

After your kids become more aware of fashion guidelines/dress codes, it’s now time to teach them the art of fashion. Give them pointers about mixing and matching clothes based on design and colors. Here are some essential style guides that you can tell them:

  • Jeans can easily fit any top
  • If you wear patterned bottoms, go with plain-colored shirts and vice versa
  • Similar colors complement each other well
  • You can easily pair black or white clothes with any different color

If you’re finding it difficult to open this topic to them, you can think of creative ways. When it comes to color-matching, you can create a color wheel to discuss mix and matching. Spinning the wheel is fun, especially when you add different colors or prints to the wheel. Utilize it to encourage them to try something new and point out shades that go well together.

Meanwhile, when it’s time to teach them about wardrobe styling, you can still use wheels. Create one for tops, bottoms, and shoes, and make sure to put various styles to maximize your child’s options. Then, discuss the balance and proportion in clothing. You can also open this topic when your little artist begins to be fond of symmetry in their artwork.

Doing all these creates a fun space for your kids while helping them explore and discover their fashion style.

3. Expose Them to Fashion Trends.

Start by looking at how the kids in your area dress. Once you get the feel of their styles, you may ask your little pumpkin if they prefer to blend with them or stand out. Then, guide them as to how they can achieve their styling goals.

More than your location, you also can search at different websites and seek style inspirations. You’ll be able to find different jewelry trends and other clothing styles that most kids use online. But since the goal is to expose your kids to fashion trends, make sure to have them with you while researching.

Other than using computers, you can buy kids’ fashion magazines. Let them read through all the pages and observe what style their eyes are drawn to. Then, share your thoughts about it with them.

Finally, watching animated films/movies where you can find aesthetic characters is also helpful to discover their style. For instance, “Totally Spies” or “Winx.” 

Photo by Victoria Akvarel on Pexels.com

4. Encourage Dress-up Games. 

Organizing dress-up games is another way to help your bundle of joy discover their fashion style. You can invite their pals over for added fun, wearing their best attire. Then, you organize different clothes and accessories for the dress-up game. Once everything is set up, let the kids pick each other’s outfits and work their magic. To make it even more fun, you can always join them and dress up with them too!

5. Teach Them About Resourcefulness.

Finally, being resourceful and creative is the most important thing not to forget when teaching your kids about fashion. After all, it is not the well-known brands or designer clothes that make you look good. It is you and your creativity in styling. 

If your kids have worn-out jeans, show them how you can turn them into new stylish denim shorts. Also, you can bring them to thrift shops. Since the choices are a bit limited, they’ll be able to be creative in their styling.

Final Words

Helping your kids explore fashion is also helping them discover themselves. As they say, you are what you wear. Therefore, the last say should always be up to your kids. Know your boundaries as a parent. Guide them, but don’t ever force them into anything that feels off for them. Use our tips to help you along the process.

One thought on “5 Ways To Help Kids Explore Their Fashion Style

  • Interesting post. I see how much clothes cost for little ones these days. I was so proud of my daughter when she dressed like Madonna one year on the first day of school. Years later she did the same but as Michael Jackson. I like what you said about never force kids to wear something that makes them uncomfortable. Also letting them use their creativity. Great points. Helpful posts for young parents. 🦋

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