How To Choose The Right Church For You

Moving to a new area and needing to choose a new church? Or perhaps you’re thinking of joining a church for the first time? Whatever the case, it’s important to take your time to explore your options, and know exactly what type of church is right for you. Below are a few tips for choosing the right church.

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Decide your denomination

First, it’s important to consider which denomination is right for you. There are two main denominations in the US – catholicism, and Protestantism – and these are divided into their own denominations. There are also other forms of Christianity ranging from orthodox to Mormon. If your family already belongs to a certain denomination, it’s likely that you will want to stick with this denomination, however, some people do switch. If you’re finding God for the first time, it could be important to research each denomination’s teachings to find the one that aligns most with your beliefs. 

Consider the style of service

Different churches may have different styles of service. Some are very traditional and formal – everyone may dress up smart, the music may be solely traditional hymns and there may be a need to preserve traditional rituals. Other churches may have less conventional or less formal services – plain clothes may be accepted, the music may be a lot more modern and there may not be much respect for old values. Others may sit somewhere in the middle. Attending a service may be the best way to work out if it’s right for you. 

Visit churches in person

Visiting a church in person is the best way to work out if it’s right for you. You can get a better idea as to the type of people that attend this church (it’s important to get along with your fellow churchgoers!) and how the church is run. The leader of the church should be approachable and you should feel that they are the type of person you would want to take advice from. Trying a few different churches may help you to work out what it is that you want out of a church. Some people may realize that they enjoy a bigger church, while others may prefer something smaller and intimate – unless you attend different services, you will not know what is right for you. 

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Look up reviews online

Of course, you can also look up reviews online. The likes of these Living Church of God reviews could help you to determine if a church is truly right for you. A church that has lots of positive reviews could be worth trying, while one with many negative reviews may be worth avoiding. Just make sure that you read into the reasons as to why people may like or dislike a certain church – there may be certain aspects of a church that some people dislike and others enjoy. 

Pray for clarity

If you are unsure as to what is the right path, consider posing the question to God. What is it that God would want you to do in order to be the best Christian that you can be? Praying could give you the answers you need if you feel conflicted. 

2 thoughts on “How To Choose The Right Church For You

  • I recently moved to a new city, so I’m currently looking for non-denominational churches nearby that I can go to from now on. It’s a good thing you mentioned visiting the churches in person first before we decide on where to go, so we’ll have a better idea of their services and the type of people that attend. I’ll keep this in mind while I look up non-denominational church services around my area.

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