Offering A Little Brightness During The Darkest Months Of The Year

Do you have a loved one who is having a tough time of it as we get into the coldest and darkest months of the year? Perhaps they’re one of the many people who feel their mood deeply affected by the changing of the seasons or perhaps they’re away from family as the holidays approach? Here, we’re going to look at a few ways that you can bring a little brightness to their winter.

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Get walking

There are few things better to lift the mood than a little exercise. It’s easy to not have too much motivation to move around or to get outside when the winter is getting colder, but that’s exactly why you should be there to invite them on routine walks together. It’s the perfect chance to get that all-important sunlight, to catch up, and to get that heart pumping.

Let them know they are welcome

A lot of people have a tough time with it during the holidays because they might not have someone to spend it with. It might be a bit of an imposition to your family but (with their blessing), inviting your loved one over to spend the holidays with you or even just to stop by for a nice dinner with the family can really make them feel wanted and avoid being alone when it might be hardest.

Go get yourselves pampered

A great way to help banish away some of those wintery blues is to enjoy a good old pampering session. If you use sites like to find a spa near you that you can both visit, it can help to take your mind off of things while also giving you an opportunity to spend some time together. Visiting the local holiday market or having some lunch together at the end can perfectly cap off the day together.

You can literally brighten up their home

When we talk about it being the darkest and coldest part of the year, it’s literal in more than one way. It’s also visually the coldest and most drab time of the year, so brightening up their home with things like flowers from can do a lot of good. You can freshen up their environment, bringing color and delightful scents to their home as a result.

Get them something a little personal

It is the giving season and, in some cases, a gift can be a lot more than just a little treat that’s expected this time of year. Even if they’re not expecting it, you can give your loved one a personal gift, one that speaks to the bond that you share, and helps to show them that they are a valuable and important person to you. It can be the perfect heartwarming sentiment to remind them that they’re not alone.

You may not be able to single-handedly fix someone’s miserable winter but, with the tips above, you might be able to make a serious difference and that can be more than enough.

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