One Step Forward, Two Back…Divorce Saga Continues

Ever just feel like life is one step forward and three steps back? I feel like I’m living this. Here’s a great example, I pulled into Valvoine for a much-needed oil change for my Ford Flex. A  day after the oil change I started hearing weird scrapping and the car seemed a bit sluggish. After further examination, it became apparent that the under-car shield was unhinged. What does this mean? This means every time I get in the car I hear the scrapping of the under shield as it’s dragged along to each and every transport of a child, errand, to work, home, etc. Knowing full well it has to be reattached/set. I thought of when I had precisely 30+ minutes to wait for a mistake that someone else made to be fixed. Why must we be inconvenienced by others’ mistakes? Such is life… I have yet two more examples, and I promise the last will have you laughing out loud! But first…

On December 5th we had our final divorce trial, my husband the plaintiff and I the defendant (FYI, that means he filed for divorce, not me) had our final divorce trial, but my husband’s lawyer dropped him three months prior, due to miscommunication or something along those lines. Thus, my lawyer was his legal consultant during the final trial for a divorce that he initiated… who is paying for all the legal consultation that occurred that day? You’re looking at her, or should I say, listening/reading her very real experience. So, after a divorce, when you’re the one fighting to keep everything “normal” for the kids, that means transferring over a lot of bills/obligations to your name it can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. And exhausting since ALL banks, lawyers, auditors, secretaries, recorders, gas, electric, auto, home, & health insurance, etc. have the same hours, 8am-4pm! Why the actual heck is all hours the same as the typical American worker’s work hours?  It’s not like a teacher can just pick up the phone at 11am or 2pm and carry on with the conversation they started before work or during their lunch break.  I stated that just so you have a feeling of the frustration…in the last month, I’ve been trying so hard to transfer all obligations over to me. And I’ve done a magnificent job. I’ve transferred almost everything except the deed, don’t even get me started on the Quit Claim Deed that has been a nightmare. Besides that, I’ve gotten almost everything taken care of. There’s more to the story and if you’re a lawyer I’ll share, otherwise, I’m not even certain it’ll make sense. So where is the part that’ll just make you laugh out loud? Here I go…

So once you’re divorced you need to have your own health, home (if you are trying desperately to have the house), and auto insurance, you will no longer be covered on your now, current, ex-spouse’s plan. Thus, the first thing I researched was auto and home insurance. I secured it a week after receiving the final notice that the judge signed the divorce decree. I felt great knowing I could continue driving myself and my children to school, home from school, run errands, etc. and I was covered when it came to auto insurance. Ready to laugh?

I just received a notification from my auto insurance agency that if I do not add my husband to the policy they will add him automatically in one week. LOL! Remember I literally just did all my research three weeks ago to find the best auto insurance for myself so that once I was officially removed from my husband’s I would be covered.  I was the driver of concern. I found insurance…I was feeling great about my auto insurance until I received a letter indicating that if I don’t contact them within a week they will be adding my husband to my policy because he could be driving my vehicle. Are you freakin kidding me?! So now I have to yet again find time to talk with a representative to yet again explain my situation. I’m telling you, the more I’ve lived the more I laugh!  I’m definitely thankful that God gave us a sense of humor.

2 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Two Back…Divorce Saga Continues

  • I’ve been where you are. You are strong and capable and I know you’ll get through it! Mine cheated and abandoned us after almost 30 yrs then fought the divorce for 3+. Was/is an absolute total covert narcissist. I had no clue he was living a double life. You are awesome!

  • Everyone makes so many mistakes and it is so challenging that we have to be the ones to always correct them. Just keep on. It’s ye only way.
    Also consider emailing because you can keep the email going back and forth during lunch breaks or after hours. If the divorce is finalized, scan the paper work and email it to the insurance company.

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