Celebrate Book Week in Style With These 6 Tips

Book Week is a nationally recognized celebration of reading. It’s the perfect week to show your kids how fun reading is! Book Week usually happens in the first week of May, and many elementary schools will host special events to celebrate literature and all its benefits.

A common Book Week event at schools is a costume day. Even if your child’s school does not participate in Book Week, you can still dress up with your kids as your favorite book characters for fun! Keep reading for inspiration for your book week costumes.

1. Fairytale Costumes

Most kids grow up hearing fairytales. These timeless classics is a perfect source of costume inspiration. There is a character for everyone to love and dress up as in fairytales. Your little ones can wear the costumes of princesses, witches, elves, and more. You can also introduce your kids to a new fairytale that you think they’ll like to show them even more costume options while getting them excited about the classic tales.

2. Harry Potter

There’s no mistaking a Harry Potter costume. The franchise’s characters have unique and awe-inspiring costumes ideally suited to Book Week. If your kids plan to dress up as Harry Potter characters, encourage them to find descriptions and inspiration from the books, not just the movies. This way, you incorporate the joy of reading into your child’s costume!

3. Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss wrote many books in his career, making for many costume options! One of the best parts about this costume idea is that you can make them yourself with things you already have at home. For example, an orange shirt with a felt face can be a great Lorax costume, and you can easily recreate the famous red and white hat with cardboard and vivid paint.

4. Animals

Animals are the protagonists in many beloved children’s classics. If your kids love a book that features an animal, then they have a great Book Week costume lined up! Animal costumes can be crafted at home, too, without any additional supplies. You can also get your kids involved in making their costumes. This will make them even more excited about their favorite books!

5. Disney Costumes

Disney has made many iconic children’s stories that work very well as costumes for Book Week. For example, Disney’s The Lion King has inspired many children’s books. If your kids love The Lion King movie, you can encourage them to read the books accompanying it, then design a costume for their favorite character! This way, they experience new literature and make positive memories with books.

6. More Book Week Costume Tips

Here are some more tips for ensuring your Book Week costume stands out:

1. Include Props

Props take costumes to the next level. Some examples of props are a pig plushie for a Charlotte’s Web costume or a pair of headband ears for an animal costume.

2. Let Your Child Pick Their Favourite Book

Every kid has a favorite book. So if you help them find or make a costume based on a favorite, they are likelier to enjoy the experience and fall in love with reading!

3. Use Hats and Headbands

Hats and headbands are often overlooked in costumes. They add character and uniqueness to each costume and are a great touch for any Book Week look.

4. Bring a Copy of the Book

A Book Week costume isn’t complete without a copy of the book on which the costume is based. So when you send your child to school on costume day, don’t forget to tuck a copy of their favorite book in the backpack.

5. Make The Week Even More Fun

You can make Book Week memorable by organizing more activities for your kids. A popular one provides a breakfast of green eggs and ham, the basis of a Dr. Seuss book!


Book Week is a perfect opportunity to help your young kids fall in love with reading. Instilling this love in kids is incredibly important, especially in today’s digital age. Books help kids learn and grow, so every child should be encouraged to pick them up.

With these tips and pieces of inspiration for costumes, your child will be the best-dressed on costume day!

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