10 Tips for Hosting a Slawesome Cookout!! (Contest Link included)



Ever been to one of those cookouts where you are just bored out of your mind? You try to determine what is an adequate amount of time to stay without seeming to eager to leave? Ever come up with a carefully planned reason why you have to head out early? Ever had a special code word? Now imagine you were the poor hostess and your guest kept blurting out, kumquats, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and other random weird words moments before making up a reason why they had to bolt! Don’t be that hostess!! Don’t forget the Slawsa!!

In case you missed the segment on WTOL Saturday morning here is a quick run down…we made some mouthwatering deviled eggs (click here for recipe) with my favorite condiment, SLAWSA!!! And we talked cookouts!!

preschool_salsa 039WTOLPIC

What is Slawsa?

SLAWSA breaks the mold of modern condiments, boldly creating a whole new category of food, and standing alone in its realm of flavor. A delicious cross between a slaw and a salsa and far healthier than other toppers, more versatile and is a must-have for your pre-game tailgate, grilling at your backyard barbecue or to spice up your mid-week family dinners. We beg you, don’t serve your guests boring condiments.

Simply put, Slawsa is the Gourmet Topping for Everything without the gourmet price.

You can feel confident that Slawsa is:

  • all-natural
  • fat-free
  • cholesterol-free
  • gluten-free
  • very low in sodium 
  • kosher
  • vegan




preschool_salsa 030THISONE

Here are 10 tips to host a SLAWESOME cookout:

  1. Keep it simple-no one likes a stressed out host. Go low budget on the decorations, use items from around the house, use napkins/bandanas as decorations, use real plates & utensils…not only is it cheaper but the planet will thank you! preschool_salsa 027ThisONE
  2. Have guest bring a dish to pass- it means less for the host to have to provide & it gives everyone a special contribution…everyone wants to feel needed.
  3. Have an Ice Tea bar- guests can add their own mint, fruit, alcohol, sugar, etc.
  4. Background music is a must- Billy Holiday & Dean Martin are great choices for parties with multi-generations
  5. Have all the must-haves handy for your guests- mosquito repellant, sunblock, hand sanitizer, wet wipes
  6. Slawsa!! This sassy condiment will be the talk of the party…it is literally a symphony for your taste buds, AH-mazing!! (Available at Kroger & Meijer down the condiment isle, next to the relish…what, a girl can’t know her condiments? Haha!)preschool_salsa 019This one
  7. Photo Booth-this is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun! And as a bonus you will have pics to add to any future calendar, card, and/or photobook! Or if you are feeling really ambitious you could send out thank you photo cards to your guests.preschool_salsa 026WTOLPICS
  8. Games/activities are a must! Bingo, bocce ball, croquet, hide items & have a scavenger hunt (have the older kids read the clues and younger once run and find them), have an art show- chalk on sidewalk or grab some fun crafts from Hobby Lobby and pass out awards to the artists
  9. Have a plan B in case of rain-move the party inside, have a tent, umbrellas, etc.
  10. Have to-go bags/containers for guest so they can easily take home food

Any tips you would add to the list?  What do you worry about most when entertaining? Do you have Slawsa in your fridge? If not, why? What are you waiting for??


Interested in winning $50? Here is the link to the Photo Contest Slawsa is running now through the end of June!  Get your Slawsa on!!! And good luck!!


4th of July Treats

Well, we weren’t able to see the fireworks this evening and hang out with extended family but we did make the most of our situation and had a nice buffet of 4th of July kiddo friendly treats at home together. And while we ate my hubby gave the kiddos a mini-history lesson on the significance of the 4th of July.  We are looking forward to our freedom from being quarantined; it seems rather apropos that it just so happens to be on the 4th of July.




The Declaration of Independence was the birth certificate of the United States of America. The words are still memorized by at least some of our schoolchildren and can bring a tear to the oldest American eye with little effort. The principles they communicate have informed our history as a free people and inspired our neighbors in other parts of the world to stand up against all forms of tyranny. As we reflect upon the text today we need to remember that our forebears were not declaring their independence from Divine Providence. Rather, they were trusting in the primacy of the Governance of God over their own lives and their noble undertaking.

They sought independence from a monarchy which had become tyrannical precisely because it had forgotten the implications of the primacy of Divine Providence. The principles set forth in that Declaration were a rallying cry which called forth extraordinary sacrifice. They were rooted in something much greater than political expediency. That is why those principles became a measuring stick against which all governments of men would be measured in the future.

The courageous men who signed this document were influenced by the great treasury brought to Western Civilization by the Christian Church. They believed there actually were truths to be held and that those truths are self-evident. Those truths include the existence of unalienable rights which are given to all men and women by a Creator. They believed that those truths and those rights can be discerned by all men and women because they are revealed by the Natural Law which is written on all human hearts and is a participation in God’s law. To read more http://www.alwayscatholic.com/?page_id=3916

God Bless America