Lunchbox Ideas: That’s a Wrap! (FREE Printables)

With all the back to school pressure consuming parents this time of year….to get school supplies, clothes, shoes, haircuts, Dr. Appointments, etc. the last thing on our minds is creative ways to prepare school lunches. So, in an effort to ease some of the pressures of back to school I am sharing some fun lunchbox ideas that the kiddos will enjoy and parents will appreciate….in a series called Lunchbox Ideas (real original, right!? Ha-ha).

That’s a Wrap!


In our house we love  wraps but each child has their own preferences in terms of filling and wrap  style. Thank goodness the wrap is so versatile. Here are a few of our favorites.  I have provided the ingredients for one serving. Simply multiply the ingredients  if you wish to make more.



Cream Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber and Mushroom wrap

 ½ a  tomato washed, rinsed, and sliced thin

 ¼ of a cucumbers washed, rinsed, and  sliced thin

 2 Tablespoon cream cheese

 3 medium sized mushrooms washed,  rinsed, and sliced thin

 1 wrap (high fiber, low carb)

 Spread cream cheese  on wrap. Place Tomato, Cucumber, and mushroom on top of the wrap like you are  making a pizza. Roll up the wrap and cut or package as you please. I like to  wrap My daughters in foil and tie it with a fun ribbon.




PB & Banana Wrap

 2 tablespoons peanut butter

 ½ a banana peeled  and thinly sliced

 1 wrap

 Spread peanut butter on wrap. Place banana  slices like you were making a pizza. Roll it up and that’s a wrap!







Egg  Salad Pin-wheels

 2 boiled eggs

 1 tablespoon Mayo

 1 tablespoon  Greek Yogurt

 1 wrap

 Mash eggs with a fork till the pieces are the size of  a large crumb. Add in Mayo and yogurt and mix well. Spread egg salad onto the  wrap as if you were making a pizza. Then wrap it up and cut it every 2 inches to  make the pin wheels. My eldest daughter likes the Pin-wheels a lot while my son says they look to much like sushi, every child has their own preference.


Sides you might want to add:

 Hummus with Veggies, goes great with cucumbers, green peppers, red peppers, etc


Fresh Fruit with Yummy Yogurt Dip

 1 cup Greek yogurt (or your  favorite flavor and style)

 1 tsp honey

 1 tsp colored sprinkles

 Mix honey into yogurt, top with sprinkles. Cover tightly  and keep chilled.


The transition back to school can be tough for mom and your little ones too.  So in an effort to make the transition smoother why not add a cute creative note to their lunch box and remind them that your are thinking about them, it will brighten their day….

Fun way to say goodbye to summer, add a  shovel and write a small note like, I dig you.  You might want  to also include picture of summer vacation or activity from the summer to  commemorate the season.

The Peaceful Mom has some amazing FREE Printouts for school lunches…click here!