FREE things to do with kids Summer 2022 in Toledo

Grab your calendars & tag your friends, mommas! Here’s this year’s list of fun, free, kid-friendly activities going on this Summer in Toledo & surrounding area!

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Will you accept the Summer Reading Challenge?

It is officially day 1 of summer break! Bring on the long days at the pool, meeting up with friends at the park, roasting marshmallows & making s’mores, catching fireflies, watching fireworks, lazy days at the lake, and so much more.  Eeee!! Parents we have the POWER to make it a SUPER FUN summer!! But let’s be honest, WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.  It is important that parents take the necessary precautions so that their children don’t fall prey to VILLIANS such as ticks, sunburns, dehydrations, and brain drain!!  

Did you know…

The statistics on summer “brain drain” are grim. According to Dr. Harris Cooper, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri- Columbia, students returning to school after a lengthy summer break will have lost one to three months’ worth of learning. Studies show that on average, teachers end up spending four to six weeks re-teaching things their students learned during the previous school year. That means that if students come back to school on August 1, they will spend all their time until September, at the earliest, reviewing. They might be reviewing until Halloween comes around.


Don’t let your child fall into the hands of the evil VILLIAN, brain drain.  Be their SUPERHERO; DEFEND them against brain drain by signing them up for the SUMMER READING CHALLENGE today!

girlsroom_sreadingprogram 030


girlsroom_sreadingprogram 032


Books to the RESCUE!! But that’s not all! This year’s Summer Reading Program is the best one yet! It will have your little one contemplating awesome SUPERHERO POWERS, writing a note to their favorite SUPERHERO, reading aloud with a friend; allow their imaginations to soar and loss track of both time & space in a book, and so much more! Click here to learn more about the Kids Program.

girlsroom_sreadingprogram 039


girlsroom_sreadingprogram 037

This year’s program comes with an awesome activity book filled with coloring options, crossword, word search, etc. perfect boredom buster!!

 girlsroom_sreadingprogram 048


The Library also has fun FREE activities going on throughout the summer that coincide with this year’s Summer reading program theme….click here for summer events guide.


And I almost forgot the best part, PRIZES!! Your SUPERHERO will win prizes with each challenge they complete!! Including, Chipotle coupon, finger puppet, pick from the treasure box, stickers, etc.



GRAND Prizes…once your SUPERHERO completes Challenges 1-4 they are entered in the grand prize giveaway to win one of the following….

An iPad Air or Kindle Fire HDX

A 4-pack of tickets or a membership to The Toledo Zoo or Imagination Station

A $30 gift card for Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us or the Toledo Mud Hens

*Scouts can earn a badge if they complete challenges 1-4


The best part, the SUMMER READING CHALLENGE is open to Teens & Adults too!! And yes, you could also win prizes!!

So what are you waiting for? Use your SUPERHERO POWERS and ZOOM on over to your local library & accept the CHALLENGE TODAY!!!


Summer Reading Program and The Farmer’s Market

We originally planned on going to Maumee Bay for the day to play in the sand, swim, play on the playground, and enjoy a picnic lunch with some of our friends. As luck would have it the weather did not cooperate. Instead of being a warm June day it was rather cool, especially in the morning and by Lake Erie the temperature is usually a few degrees cooler.  So we cancelled our Maumee Bay day and just went with the flow….wherever the day took us.  And where it took us was to the Library where the kiddos signed up for the Summer Reading Program and then after lunch and quiet time we went to the Farmer’s Market.  Surprisingly, the day was delightful.  It was one of those days where all the kiddos seem to get along well, no arguing, no meltdowns, no toddler tantrums or mommy tantrums, just a perfect day.  Thought I would share some pictures from our perfect day…I will treasure today!

Here we are signing up for the Summer Reading program, each kiddo then carefully selected  6 books to checkout in order to get them started on their summer reading. ( I also added a few books on CD and tape….our preschooler feels more independent that way).


Then, after a light lunch and quiet time, quiet time that actually turned into nap time for all 3.  Yes, that’s right, all 3 of my kiddos napped.  And that is not all; I actually had to wake them up to go to the Farmer’s Market.  Told you, the perfect day! Once up they counted out their change from their piggy banks in hopes of scoring cool stuff from the Farmer’s Market.  Then we headed to the Market…..

First Stop, Kettle Corn…everyone got samples and we stopped to watch it being made, our son’s favorite.

Then we stopped to smell the candles and our daughter decided to spend her loot on the delicious, colorful, princess candles…her words, not mine.

We grabbed some fresh pizza bread for dinner and strawberries for dessert.

All that shopping had them parched….Raspberry lemonade please……

My little photographer forgot to include my head, lol!……….

Then we headed home for dinner…..

Have you ever had one of those days where your plans went awry?  How did your day play out? Or, maybe you have experienced one of those perfect days?