FREE things to do with Kids Summer 2023 in Toledo

Grab your calendars & tag your friends, mommas! Here’s this year’s list of fun, free, kid-friendly activities going on this Summer in Toledo & surrounding area!

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Stonyfield Sponsored Play date at the Park!

What started off as an unsure morning thanks to the weather forecast which called for a 60% chance of rain actually ended up being quite enjoyable!  The moms from our local playgroup met up with us at Wildwood Metro Park for what would be a fun-filled morning.

The kiddos had so much fun seeing each other; a lot of the PRESCHOOL CHILDREN in our group had preschool on opposite days so they really didn’t get a chance to see each other that much during the school year. We also have a few moms that had BABIES within the past few months and due to their little immune systems haven’t attended a play date in a while so it was so nice to see them and their little ones.  We also had our small group of TODDLERS who I like to call our “regulars” in attendance.  Any mother who has had a toddler know that getting out in the morning and playing is the key to burning up that energy so that they nap in the afternoon, and play they did…

The best part about having Stonyfield sponsor this playdate was the fact that they have something for every age group in our playgroup.



TODDLERS….Yo Toddler


(These are great for school lunches. Place them in the freezer and then in the morning put them in your child’s lunch bag and it helps keep food cold and is perfect to eat by lunch time.)

And Stonyfield didn’t forget the woman who brought them to the playdate and who care so much about their children’s health as well as their own, the one, and the only amazing person who manages to do it all, MOMS!! They provided us with a 32oz of the French Vanilla Yogurt as well as 2 samples of their Greek Oikois yogurt.


I also brought along Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch and fresh red ripe strawberries for moms (and some kiddos) to enjoy a parfait. It tasted amazing; it was just what the moms needed in order to continue chasing after toddlers, pushing preschoolers on the swing, and kibitzing with the other moms (that can get exhausting).

Speaking of kibitzing, ALL the moms agreed that they like the fact that Stonyfield is organic and contains no pesticide, which is definitely a plus considering there has been a link to exposure to pesticides and behavioral problems like ADHD. We all liked the fact that our children actually liked it and ate it!! Far too often moms purchase healthy food and the kiddos don’t eat it but not when it comes to Stonyfield yogurt. The babies, toddlers, preschooler, and moms all liked the superior taste. But, we have decided that it might be best if we keep the fact that it is good for a you a little secret from the kiddos since they, as they put it, just like how much fun it is to grab a tube and squeeze!

Thank you Stonyfield for sponsoring this fun play date through the variety of your products you provided and the coupons!!

Have you ever tried Stonyfield? What is your favorite flavor? Have a fun way of eating your yogurt? Please share