Jewelry Giveaway!

The other day the girls ( 3 and 7 yrs. old) were practically begging to raid my jewelry box. Why? Was it the allure of the unknown that was so enticing? I personally hadn’t gone through that thing in ages. So after contemplating worst case scenarios I caved and let them go in search of their treasures. Ha-ha!

They ooh and aahed as they opened each drawer. Then they inquired on how I received each, when I wore it, and why I don’t wear it anymore. I have to admit they had a point. Why don’t I wear my jewelry?  Then I remembered, I became a mom and basically kissed my jewelry days goodbye. Why? Well for one, the fear of a child pulling or yanking and breaking an expensive piece of jewelry and possibly harming themselves or me in the process. Two, exhaustion! I feared losing jewelry simply because I was too tired to remember where I had placed it last. But the infant and baby days are behind me now. Perhaps it is time to venture back into the bling?

So I joined the girls in their endeavors and perused through my jewelry box. And what I found was that I did not have much in the way of variety when it came to my jewelry. Everything was silver. All necklaces were short. And most pieces looked formal. I was lacking casual, fun, colorful pieces. So what’s a girl to do? Go shopping of course. Haha! But what was I going to be able to purchase on a SAHM salary? Are there any jewelry stores around here that will accept hugs, kissing of boo-boos, and a mean meatloaf in return for a pair of earrings? Lol! So I figured I was out of luck. Then I checked my email and boy did my luck change!

I received an email for a local woman named Mindy who expressed that she was a Paparazzi Accessories consultant.  She explained that she sells trendy, affordable jewelry.  (PLEASE! I doubted her concept of affordable and mine coincided….she probably thought $50 was affordable for a necklace.) I continued to read. Turns our she has two younger kiddos so maybe she can relate? She stated that with the affordable prices of this jewelry moms can still stay fashionable. (Hmm…does affordable mean cheap?) She went on to explain that she makes sure all pieces hold up, and if you ever had a problem with a piece, will repair or replace it at no cost to you.  And then closed by stating that she would like to provide me with a matching set of necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring to review. (Um, YESSS PLEASE!). So we arranged a meeting for the following week.

After school the kiddos and I met up with her at a local coffee establishment. And let me tell you what unfolded was pure fun! The girls and I had a blast looking through all the jewelry.

jew_robotcan 005

jew_robotcan 006

And so much more….. 

jew_robotcan 001

I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted given the amazing selection! While I contemplated between two of the longer necklaces she shared more about the Jewelry line.  Turns out her definition of affordable and mine were spot on! Each piece cost $5. That’s right, only $5!! Now that is my kind of jewelry. For that price the girls can borrow it. For that price I can be guilt free if I ever misplace a piece. For that price I can get a lot more jewelry!! For that price I can be a SAHM who wear jewelry!! I finally mad my decision…what do you think?

jewlry_churchpapajo 002

jewlry_churchpapajo 003

jewlry_churchpapajo 004

I wore my jewelry practically everyday for a week. I received so many compliment and I haven’t broke or lost a piece yet. I have even let the girls borrow the necklace and ring and they always get returned in one piece….that’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

She also carries adorable hair accessories that I simply have to get my hands on!! Click here to shop now! Oh, and I almost forgot. She also does Facebook parties. What it entails is you setting up an event and having a virtual party with all your friends and the best part, you would be the hostess and receive free jewelry and/or hair accessories. Awesome, right!? Click here and message Mindy today to set up your party (you heard me right, virtual party which means you don’t have to clean or cook. Haha!).


And last but not least, the GIVEAWAY!!….

Win $25 worth of jewelry and/or hair accessories (images below are just an example of options. You will decide which pieces you want)

santa paparazzi


To Enter :

Winner to be randomly selected Nov. 29th @ 11:59pm

(Winner’s name will be posted on this blog post, Facebook, and twitter.  Winner will be asked to email their address to  Thank you)

Disclosure: I was given a necklace, earrings, and rings to review, no other compensation was received, and all opinions expressed are my own.