Post Vacation Stress Disorder

While on vacation last week in Douglas, Michigan with my parents, siblings, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, husband and children I experienced a profound state of peace…. peace that I can only compare to prayer.

In the morning I would get up and be greeted by my uncle, the early riser, and then head outside to sit in the red Adirondack chair to read a few chapters (currently reading, My Sisters The Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell). And sometimes in the quite that was only filled by the occasional turning of pages deer would pass by…can you say breathtaking!?

vacation 014

And each day was filled with an exciting excursion….one afternoon I went to Holland and tasted beer with my brother, perused the interior design stores with my mom, and stopped in at a candy store with my daughter.

vacation 037

vacation 039

The next day we all went horseback riding….

vacation 108

and finished off the day at the park where ALL of us acted like kids…..

vacation 025

Then one night my hubby surprised me. He had my parents watch the kiddos while we went wine tasting, out to dinner, and perused the shops in South Haven, MI. Oh, and the sunsets, talk about romantic….here is a pic of us on the beach smooching during the sunset….

vacation 170The next adventure…canoeing!

vacation 150We row, row, rowed our boat till our little one fell asleep.  It was so peaceful on the water. And I enjoyed the opportunity to canoe with my hubby and then with my aunt.

vacation 050During our vacation I did not engage in any social media, in fact I left my computer at home. And my phone had horrible reception so talking on the phone was out of the question too. And I am glad it was…I think I needed a break from the inauthentic pull social media can prescribe at times. I thoroughly enjoyed time with my family and I am so grateful we had that time…none of us knows when our lifetime is up thus we must treasure the time we have together. Which is precisely what I did and that paired with the 3rd Coast (not west or east coast but the great lakes) or what they call around there, the Lake Effect I was in a state of peace that I can only compare to prayer.

Then it was over. That state of peace was quickly replaced with grief, I think I began grieving the vacation in addition to having to get the household back in order, back to school shopping, and celebrate our youngest turning 3. That first day back was extremely hard for me. Has anyone else ever experienced a sense of heartache at the end of their vacation?

Any tips for decompressing after vacation? Or suggestions on ways to transition the entire family back to reality?

Stop Pinning and Pledge!! ($1000 towards a new grill!)

Summertime means long days at the pool, going barefoot, and grilling with friends!

Now I would love to say we have family, friends, and neighbors over practically every weekend to gather around the grill. But the truth is we haven’t had a sole over yet! Now I could run off a list of excuses. We had a t-ball game, birthday party, etc. and we are just too tired. Or I could blame it on the empty propane tank. But come on, those are quick fixes. Want to know the honest to goodness truth? This is really difficult for me to admit but, I am a recovering perfectionist and since being introduced to Pinterest I have relapsed.  See, in my mind in order to have a gathering in our backyard now it needs to look like this….


Ridiculous right!? Basically I need to try really hard to make it look like I didn’t try at all. Wait. Did that make sense!? I do believe my ‘crazy’ is officially showing, lol! See it is taking me some time to find the perfect chairs to sand, paint, and distress…or, basically make them look old again. And for some strange reason my husband is not onboard with us searching antique stores for the perfect sofa to sit in the backyard. Apparently you can have a cookout without a couch!?


Thankfully with the help of my hubby and Heinz I have come to the realization that waiting for perfection is a waste of time and I have taken the pledge!  What pledge you ask?  


Heinz Ketchup, encourages families to gather around the grill to celebrate good food, good company and good weather this summer. And get this, it doesn’t matter what your backyard, table, or chairs look like…just have fun!  And the best part…by pledging before July 15th, you’ll also be entered into a sweepstake to win a new grill!! Click here to pledge and be entered into the sweepstakes.

Will you stop the pinning insanity and take the pledge today?  It is okay if you aren’t ready to stop pinning (just admitting you have a problem is the first step) I understand, but you can still pledge!  How many gatherings will you pledge?