The Most Important Marriage You Will Ever Have Is With You?

The most important marriage you will ever have is with you? What?! Culture tells us from a young age that one day we’ll find our magical person, our better half, the individual who will complete us and ultimately fulfill our purpose. They will rescue us from the ugliness of life, from our evil stepmother and stepsisters, and awaken us from our slumber, to finally be fully alive with them and live happily ever after. Then at some point in adolescents, we learn through either life experience, or Netflix, that if someone doesn’t make us happy anymore, or if we “fall out of love” (why are we falling, when else in life is falling ever considered a good thing…more on this later) its natural, you simply move on to the next person who can fulfill those needs within you. Here’s the catch, no one will ever be able to fulfill those needs within you except YOU!

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