Sunday’s Food for the Soul: Be Present

You can only begin to fully live once you leave your worries behind. This is not to say that you should not be concerned and plan accordingly for the future, simply don’t dwell. If you dwell and worry your life will pass you by.


This week’s assignment:

Live in the present! Oh how simple it sounds but as parents this can be extremely tricky. We always have to be 3 steps ahead of our children’s schedules. Take ten minutes every evening and mentally go through the next day’s schedule. Don’t be tempted to go through the entire week, only the next day. And only for 10 minutes! If there are materials or equipment that will be required the next day place it where it needs to be. Then go about your evening/night. The next day focus on one task at a time, just that one task; give it your undivided attention. Don’t be tempted to multitask; all that does is decrease the quality of your work.


Instead of giving 65% to 5 tasks give 100% to one. Being attentive and giving your undivided attention to one task truly allows you to be in the present, especially when the task involve activities with your children. Put down the phone. Put it on silence and give your child your undivided attention. Remember, you will reap what you sow. You give your children your undivided time in the present and the future they will do the same for you…so turn off the gadgets and focus on what is real, now, the present.


Have you found yourself caught up in the past? How did you snap out of it? Or maybe you are dwelling on the future? Have an experience, advice, or question? Please share.