Poop & Mud must be Spring!!

If one more person asks me if I am happy because Spring starts tomorrow I am going to scream! Not because I am pessimistic but because I know that the ‘actual spring’, you know, with green grass, flowers blooming, etc. is weeks away. The reality is that I am going to be looking out my window at this for the next couple weeks.

pillowchick_outside 020


A nice combination of mud, poop, random things that got left in the snow, mud shovel (as my son calls it now), old shutters (what?). Keeping it classy! Haha!


In fact I might be the only one hoping the weather dips below freezing so that it is easier to pick up the piles of poop sprawled across the yard. Seriously, that dog pooped in every square in of this backyard!

pillowchick_outside 024


And the worst part of the warmer weather is the fact that the kids long to be outside. And they do go outside and have a great time. But then they come back in!

diningrm_livingrm 061

And my poor carpet! I just purchased a brand new area rug for our dining room that I absolutely adore. But between the muddy kids and the dog’s paw prints I am seriously considering rolling up all my area rugs and replacing them with shower curtain till the swamp in the backyard disappears. I am dead serious!  And don’t get me started on laundry….wish I could get my hands on a few youth sized hazmat suits.  And momma can forget about wearing those cute strappy sandals and flats for Spring, I will be rocking boots, muddy boot!

pillowchick_outside 026

So, to sum it up, Spring in Northwest Ohio means….dirty mounds of snow and if you’re lucky some random trash that has accumulated over the past 4 months, wearing boots for a few more weeks, washing lots of laundry, mopping floors, YELLING “take off your gosh darn shoes” as kids trail mud and poop on your new area rug, lots of ‘hat days’ because it rains in order to make, what else, more mud!!

Thus, no, I am not elated with joy because Spring starts tomorrow. In fact I feel like I should be training for the long haul of washing the dog, kids, clothes, floors. Rinse. Repeat. Haha!

So, what does Spring mean to you? Can you relate? Have any tips or tricks for tackling the mud issue?