Christmas Craft: Elf


We made Christmas Elves last week with the intention of placing them on top of Mason jars filled with homemade hot cocoa mix for teacher’s gifts. But the kiddos fell in love with their little elves, gave each a name, and they are officially part of the family. Haha!

Here’s what you will need to make your elf:

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 020

  • 2 felt sheets (two different colors…we chose a dark and light green but you can use any color you wish)
  • A few pom-poms and buttons (one for hat, two for shoes, and any additional embellishment for hat trim)
  • pinecone
  • 1 wooden doll head (with hole in the bottom)
  • 1 sharpie to make eyes/face
  • ribbon for a small scarf or you could use some of the leftover felt
  • crafts glue or hot glue gun


Draw an isosceles triangle (roughly 5inches in height and base of 3 ½ inches)

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 025

Cut out triangle

Place glue on one side of the triangle and rolled into a cone for the hat

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 030

Cut small trim for hat, 3-1/2 inches x ½ inch…(or whatever width your little helper like…haha!)

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 028

Glue trim to bottom of cone/hat

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 031

Glue head on pinecone

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 032

Glue Hat to head

Add embellishments to hat, pom-poms and/or buttons to top and side of hat.

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 034


Cut long skinny legs for the elf, roughly 7 inches long

Place glue on the first inch and roll up the felt for the shoes

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 035

Add pom-poms or buttons for shoes

Glue legs to bottom of pinecone

Add face with sharpie marker

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 052

Add ribbon or felt for a scarf

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 040

And done!

12xmas_elf_grandpa_manor 061

These little guys make great tree ornaments, gift toppers, decoration, and friends. Haha!

Do you have a favorite crafts you make during the holidays? Maybe a special Christmas ornament? Feel free to share. Also please feel free to share any links you may have with fun crafts.

FYI…I came across some great ideas at the inspiration exchange.