Holiday Activities that Incorporate Faith

Holiday Activities that Incorporate Faith


This season, be intentional about including faith into your holiday cheer. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your relationship with friends, family, and God by bonding through Christ focused activities. Rekindle your faith while indulging in all the fun this time of year has to bring! 


Fill Stockings with Love Not Things


‘Tis the season to hang your stockings by the chimney with care! Stockings are easily the most exciting part of Christmas. Your children will eagerly wait for Christmas morning to come, before peering inside their stocking to see all of the small surprises that await them. This year, let your family have an early peek! 


Make holiday stockings filled with meaningful letters of appreciation or photos of memories you’ve shared with your family. After giving the stockings to your family, help your children make their own for a classmate, neighbor, or cousin! This will help them focus on gifting more love than they do things. 


Put a Faith-filled Twist on “Elf on the Shelf”


Elf on the shelf is a popular Christmas game that’s perfect for getting your little ones engaging with the season. Put a twist on this beloved game in order to get them just as captivated by the holiday’s faith. There are tons of alternatives to the cheerful elf! Swap him out for a baby jesus or a structured character likeMelk the Monkey, who teaches specifically about God. Your children will still get to participate in the surprises that come with an Elf on the Shelf, but in a way that leads them into grace rather than mischief! 


Holiday Movie Night


On those snowy, colder nights, nothing beats cozying up on the couch for a movie! Get into the spirit of the season with Christ-centered Christmas movies that will remind your family of the true meaning of the holiday. Make your movie night one to remember by decorating your family room with colorful decor. Hang garland and white lights to set a dim ambiance. Sip on some holiday flavors by making a hot cocoa bar! Put out cinnamon sticks, peppermint candies, chocolate chips, and whipped cream to make the ultimate cup of nog. To really satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the movie, snack on these adorable Santa’s hat cupcakes.


Throw a Birthday Party for Jesus 


With all of the advertisements and holiday festivities taking up our time, it can be easy for the real reason for Christmas to become swallowed up. Remind your child of why Christmas is celebrated by planning a birthday party for Jesus. After all, Christmas is his day of birth! 

Not only will this give your family a reason to throw a fun celebration on Christmas Eve, but it will also encourage your children to focus more on giving back to Jesus than expecting gifts for themselves. 


Read Together


Take the time this month to read the Christmas Story from the Bible with your children, found in the book of Luke. Not only are there tremendous benefits of reading together as a family, but it provides a timely opportunity to teach your children about a significant story in the Bible. Read a piece each night before going to bed. Your children will look forward to seeing how the story unfolds! 


Bring Christ into your home decor 


There are tons of wonderful bible verses that would serve as a lovely addition to your home decor! Set aside time for a crafting day with your family. Get canvases, painting supplies, and print out holiday verses. Have your family each pick a verse and paint it onto their canvas. Hang up the canvases in the room you spend most of your time together, such as the living or dining room and kitchen. 


Send Christmas cheer to missionaries 


During this time of year, there are many missionaries that are unable to return home for the holidays. Help your family spread some holiday cheer to those away from their loved ones this season! Make homemade season’s greetings with personalized holiday messages, including a thank you for all of the work they’re doing to spread faith and help others.