Fashion Essentials for the Winter Months

The chilly months of the year aren’t synonymous with high fashion, but it’s time to change that! It isn’t impossible to create classy outfits that keep you nice and toasty on windy days. From comfy coats to cute boots, here are some fashion essentials for the winter months.

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Age Appropriate Children’s Clothing

A few weeks ago I published a post titled; Mission Impossible: Raising confident children in a superficial and over-sexed society? In that post I addressed the fact that our little kindergartener wears a size 8 (thanks to the combination of daddy who is 6’-6” and mommy 5’-9”) and it seems like the fashion industry feels as though she should be dressing as a pre-teen. I continue to express the difficult time I have finding appropriate clothing for her. Particularly shorts and skirts that cover her bum when she bends over and shirts that cover her mid-drift are extremely difficult to locate. Our 6-year-old shouldn’t have to spend hours trying on clothing, at least not yet, pre-teens, sure, but trying on tons of clothes is agony to a 6-year-old (and the mama who is the recipient of the said agony which is often expressed in whining and repetitive questions, lol!). So, when I came across children’s clothing that was actually appropriate for children I felt like my prayers had been answered and I could put the agonizing fitting room drama behind me, at least for a few years.

What kind of bloggy mom would I be if I kept this to myself? The answer, a horrible one!  So, for the other mothers out there who are also suffering long hours in the fitting room, wasting beautiful weekend afternoons in department stores desperately hunting for your child’s size in appropriate fashions, it is time to reclaim your weekends and sanity with La-di-da! La-di-da offers adorable, quality, age appropriate designer children’s clothing .

I have to warn you, the designers on this site are amazing, you will want to buy one of everything once you see the high-end design quality, for a fraction of the cost, that each displays. Here are two of my favorites…

Bellerose I really enjoy the look of this designer.  The clothing is very feminine but juvenile with cute polka dots and summer floral prints that allude to a warm summer’s day on the beach with the family.



Eva & Oli  is another designer whose children’s clothing I really admire.  Eva & Oli clothing has a relaxing whimsical feel that your kiddos will look so darn cute in! Here are a few of the items I can’t wait to see my kiddos in……

What do you think? Cute, age appropriate, and still fashion conscious, the total package, right!? Checkout the site today and tell me which designers are your favorites.