Dum Dums Factory Tour!!

Oh my word!! I just had the best afternoon! Ever have one of those rare experiences where you are suddenly a kid again? When all your worries about bills, laundry, work, etc. suddenly disappear? When your biggest decision is strawberry or root beer? Well that is precisely how I spent my afternoon at the Spangler Factory and Museum! Oh, and by the way, strawberry.

spagler 003

As you enter the store you are greeted by the sweet aroma of candy and charming Spangler employee who offers samples of Dum Dums and candy canes…yes, please!! Then it’s time for a stroll through history in the museum where they have displays of past products, molds, literature, etc.  Did you know that Spangler was founded in 1906 and that they make 10 million Dum Dums each day!? Now that is a lot of suckers (contemplated a political joke here but opted against it).

spagler 010

After perusing the museum we hopped aboard the trolley for our factory tour! But first everyone had to put on a hairnet…is that Laverne and Shirley? Now those are two hot mamas, lol!

spagler 013

 I think we have found a resolution to all the birth control controversy, one word, hairnet!

 spagler 016

While on the factory tour we learned about the seasonal Dum Dum flavors they will have in stores for Autumn/Christmas time. The eight limited edition flavors are, sugar plum, hot chocolate, sugar cookie, gingerbread (for the sophisticated palate, lol! My favorite!), merry cherry, sugar plum, apple cider, green apple crunch, and polar punch!

spagler 019

As the trolley took us from one room to the next I couldn’t help but feel like I was on How it’s Made. It was fascinating watching all the conveyor belts filled with Dum Dums and other various products…and to see the orange boxes piled high for Halloween and the numerous candy canes piled ceiling high for Christmas!

spagler 024

When the tour ended we headed for the store to purchase a bag of those limited edition flavors of Fall in addition to a bag of Circus Peanuts (FYI, the flavor is banana) for my dad (I am not the biggest fan), and our toddler requested we try a bag of strawmellows.  We all couldn’t wait to give the limited edition flavors a try!

spagler 005

As I went for the door to leave I hesitated, I didn’t want this visit back to childhood to end. Thankfully I was able to take a little home with me in the form of Dum Dums and whenever I unwrap one I will recall today and all the fun had at the Spangler Candy Factory.


After quiet time the kiddos had candy for snack (Yep, I am totally Mom of the Year! Jamie Oliver would probably have me placed in food prison) and got to have some more fun on the Dum Dums page!

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So what is your favorite Dum Dums flavor?