The ABC’s of Movement (Download these today!)

November is Family Literacy Month!! And what better way to teach kiddos the alphabet and phonics than through movement?

ABCcards 002

As the weather gets cooler I am always looking for fun creative ways to keep the kiddos active indoors. These cards provide just that!  Oh, and I forgot the best part, the children are actually learning while they move!

What are the ABC’s of Movement card?

ABCcards 005

They are developmentally appropriate movement activities for young children. They consist of 26 durable 5″ x 7″ alphabet cards, one instruction card and one logo card per set.  The front of the cards has a photograph of a child demonstrating each letter movement while the back has instructions to trace the letter, a rhyming sentence, an alliteration (words with the same first consonant sound) sentence, performance instructions, modifications for children with special needs and gross motor domain addressed.  Since my children are at different developmental stages (ages 3, 6, & 7) these cards are the perfect lesson for all 3. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck!

ABCcards 011

Why Movement and Literacy?

Movement is a very effective learning medium for children. Movement enhances every aspect of young children’s growth and development.  By combining movement experiences with the alphabet, children learn their letters and make literacy connections while improving their large motor skills.  Literacy experiences prior to first grade are critical for children’s success in learning to read and write. Through movement, play, and active learning, children acquire knowledge by physically experiencing concepts.  Current brain research tells us that students need to be active to get their brains working and growing. The ABC’s of Movement can also be used with older students to refocus their attention during “brain breaks”. Students can learn during these brain breaks plus return to a task renewed and energized.

 ABCcards 013

ABCcards 022


My kiddos have so much fun with these cards.  They enjoy tracing the letters in the air and mimicking the movements of the child illustrated in the photograph. In fact, in their free time they ask to get out the movement cards instead of inquiring about screen time which astounds me…not many things can compete with screen time.

 ABCcards 014

Click here to download The ABC’s of Movement

These are also ideal for teaching: preschool to 2nd grade. Also beneficial for children with special needs such as developmental delay, autism, Down syndrome and mild cerebral palsy. Perfect for use at home, school, childcare, daycare or therapy setting.

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