Facebook killed the Christmas card

The following message has been circulating on Facebook: If you would like to exchange Christmas cards send me a PM with your address.

I must admit, that message rubs me the wrong way. What happened to the good old days when you would eagerly open that mailbox and wonder will there be Christmas cards today, and if so, from whom? We have removed the excitement, anticipation, magic. We have removed that warm heartfelt feeling of knowing that you are important to someone, that they thought of you exclusively, and wanted to make certain you received a card. What ever happened to giving because you care, appreciate, and love someone as opposed to giving in order to receive?

Now, I am not naive, I realize Christmas cards are expensive and you can only send out a limited amount. But sending out a message to have people PM you if they wish to exchange cards might end up hurting someone’s feelings, including your own! You may not have enough cards to send to those who PM you their addresses. Or, you might be disappointed to see that only a couple friends want your Christmas card. Is there a solution?

christmascards 018

The answer is, I don’t know. I fear that just like video killed the radio star, Facebook is killing the Christmas card. Let’s be honest, we spend hours a week connecting with friends and family who live both near and far, it is like a virtual Christmas card all year! What is the point of sending a card with a photo of your cute babies when everyone sees them every day on Facebook? (Should be noted that I appreciate & LOVE each & every card I receive and yes, I do keep ALL of them….I might just be a dying breed?)

christmascards 009

Perhaps just like letter writing has become a thing of the past, Christmas cards will too, perhaps our generation will be the last? God only knows what the younger generations will send each other in the future, holograms? Am I just delaying the inevitable? Am I naïve to think others will appreciate receiving our Christmas card? Or am I just mailing out a card that will deliver nothing but more obligation to the receiver during an already stressful time of year? (I hope not, just because you receive a card from me doesn’t obligate you to send one to me, I understand, I just wanted to send some Christmas Cheers!)

What are your thoughts? Do you send Christmas cards?