Do You Hoard Your Child’s Artwork?

7 signs that you are a hoarder of your child’s artwork….

1.)    You can no longer see your refrigerator. What started off as a couple of drawing being displayed on the refrigerator has escalated and the refrigerator is entirely camouflaged by artwork?

2.)    You can no longer use your kitchen for fear of a fire…all that artwork around appliances is a hazard.

3.)    You dare not throw any away, what if you are raising a little Picasso; just think of how much each and every piece of artwork might be worth.

4.)    When a family member tries to touch or dispose of your child’s art work you will rummage through the trash to retrieve it.

5.)    You would rather cut off your left arm than dare dispose of your child’s artwork.

6.)    You fear breaking your child’s heart.

7.)    There is a weird stretch coming from your home…Fruit Loop and noodle artwork clearly has a shelf life!

What to do with all those art projects?

If your dream is to one day be profiled on hoarders them by all means carry on…you are well on your way! However, if you are looking for a way to reclaim your kitchen, keep your left arm, and not breaking little Picasso’s heart then here is the answer…. 

Have a draw set aside for his art projects and star/sticker quality work that is sent home.  Allow your child to show you their work then ask which ones they would like to keep in their drawer and which ones can be recycled.  Be practical moms, I realize every project your child works on is precious but you need a home, not a shrine to your child’s works.  At the end of the year go through the drawer and select the top 12 projects (or more if you have the wall space but no more than 20 per child per year).  Purchase an inexpensive frame to display your child’s art work as well as scissors and double-sided tape.

Arrange the art work and any additional sentimental memorabilia on the insert (the cheap paper or picture shown with the frame) that is included with the frame.  You may need to cut various projects in order for all to fit accordingly.  Once they are arranged in a visually pleasing display stick double-sided tape on the back of each so that it is affixed to the insert. Place the insert back in the frame and decide where you will display your little artist and scholars work.

This is something that could be done every year. You can purchase a new frame each year and display every year, that is, if you have the wall space.  Or, you could remove the insert each year and replace it with new projects.  My ideal plan is to one day have a finished basement and be able to display each year on the walls with track lighting highlighting each.  A girl can dream!