Is technology working for you or are you working for technology?

While driving the kiddos to school last week I heard something that was a tad alarming.  Apparently we are addicted to our phones.  We check our phones 110 times per day. Shocking, right!? My first thought was there is no way that was true. That study had to have been rigged. Then I took a second and really contemplated how often I check Facebook, email,the time, etc.  My conclusion was that maybe 110 wasn’t such a ridiculous number after all. Perhaps we are addicted?

Hello, my name is Kat and I am addicted to checking things online. Checking what? Well, this is embarrassing to admit but I easily check Facebook a half dozen times right after I post something in order to see who will be the first to like or comment.  I also do the same right after I send an email to see if they have replied yet. Like they are just sitting there waiting for my email…like they have nothing better to do, ha-ha! The crazy thing is that the beauty of Facebook and email is that it doesn’t have to be in real time. I don’t have to be present when someone hits like. Which makes sense now but what about later, how do I stop?  How do I stop the insanity?  Lol!

See, even if I walk away from the computer, silence the phone, and shut off any other screened device my mind will still be distracted with the thoughts of…I wonder if anyone liked that….I wonder if so-and-so read my comment….what if so-and-so read it, interpreted it wrong, and is spreading horrid lies across Facebook right now?  And that is just Facebook.  There is plenty more where that came from for emails, meetup, twitter, etc.  I need to refocus! One of the main purposes of email, Facebook, meetup, etc. is the convenience, right?  They should be freeing up my time.  So why is it compromising my time? Is technology working for me or am I working for technology? Hmmm?


It clearly isn’t healthy to occupy your time offline thinking about the things going on online. So my solution is to unplug, redirect, and to go easy on myself. I remember reading somewhere that it takes us up to 21 days to adjust to a lifestyle change.  So I have been planning my time accordingly and carefully.  I have been allowing myself a ½ hour either in the morning or afternoon to check, post, and comment.  This is proving more difficult than I had anticipated. Turns out my main downfall was instant messaging on facebook….it is fascinating how quickly time flies when chatting online with multiple peeps. So I had to adjust my chat settings, which felt slightly deceitful but it was necessary. And when I am offline I have found the following to really be a helpful distraction….

Painting with a Fairy Princess…..

 dollartree_halowwenparade 004


Learning about NFL players with an Army Man…..

dollartree_halowwenparade 007



project_wishlist_pumkincookies 017

And partaking in a few science projects…..

jew_robotcan 032


My time is valuable and I don’t want another minute to be wasted on meaningless distractions about things that truly are not that important in the grand scheme of things. I mean let’s face it, while I enjoy reading Facebook statuses, seeing pics of my friends and their adorable little ones, reading an interesting article or two, etc. I am growing brains, young and impressionable brains. I need to model healthy behavior with technology. I don’t want my children to be slaves to the virtual world.  But I must admit I only see this becoming more difficult given the rate that technology is advancing.

How do you balance your online time? How do you manage that urge to check your phone? Have you introduced technology to your children, if so how do you moderate that time? Are you concerned with the impact technology is having on children? Please share.


What I Bought myself for Mother’s Day, 2 Apps every Super Mom MUST Have, and a Special Shout Out to YOU!

Okay, so I fell in love with this mug the moment I walked into Caribou the other day, I just had to have it. So, I did what any Super mom would do, I bought it for myself because if past experience has taught me anything it is that you sometimes need to purchase your own Mother’s Day gift. Please, don’t get me wrong, my eyes fill with tear the moment my children hand me those delicate imprints of their hands and I read those heart wrenching poems that coincide. You know the ones; the ones that make you want to come up with some secret potion to keep them small forever. Why must they grow, and why so fast?? And of course my hubby, God bless his soul, he does try to makes an effort to give me a Mother’s Day gift from the heart, kind of.  But if I have to fake a smile for one more gosh darn last-minute, convenience purchased, cheap, carcinogen based candle I might lose it! Seriously, I am not sure if he is aware of this or not but he has given me the same candle 3 years in a row, I have the proof.


So, long story short, instead of doing a woe is me pity party later, after the Mother’s day festivities I decided to purchase the mug for myself. This way I am guaranteed a smile Mother’s Day as I sip on my coffee from my new mug.  Despite what gifts and appreciation may, or may not be expressed on Mother’s Day I am already guaranteed a great day because my mug says I am a SUPER MOM!!

The mug got me thinking though, what does every SUPER MOM need in order to be, well, SUPER? Faith, patience, kindness, a sense of humor, love, tolerance, integrity, faith, a positive disposition, a sense of humor, fortitude, a sense of humor!! If you can’t tell, I think faith and a sense of humor need to be emphasized; you can’t take life or raising children too seriously and sometimes you will have those days when you only get by on a prayer. SUPER MOMs also need super support networks. A supportive family, friends, neighbors, etc. are a must otherwise you lose your mind and the SUPER. Then I started thinking about some of the more modern-day gizmos like technology, iPads, iPhones, etc. and the ways they support and encouraged the SUPER status. There are two must have apps that instantly came to mind.


Gube, it is wonderful, a true life saver in desperate moments.  You know those days when you are at your wit’s end and you feel like throwing in the towel but you still have 2 more errands on your list?  Well, Gube is the answer. Gube is an app that provides kid safe videos. Parent’s there is no need to worry about your toddler or preschooler stumbling across a provocative video on their search for Elmo or Yo gabba gabba. Gube provides parents with a catalog of pre-screened, moderated, and safe, yet fun, YouTube videos. Designed and developed by parents of toddlers for parents with young children. Paired with the BubCap ( home button cover, it turns your iPhone or iPad into a great learning and entertainment device!

Best part, as a special Happy Mother’s Day Gube is $0.99!! It is normally $3.99 but starting Friday May 11th– Sunday May 13th  it is $0.99, so be sure to get your app Friday! Moms this is a great gift to give yourself for mother’s day, trust me, you will thank yourself the next time you are waiting in the Doctor’s office, waiting in line at the grocery store,  going on vacation, or stuck in road construction (construction season is just around the corner).


The second app that is a must for a SUPER MOM is Rescuehood.  As many of you know I experienced a Scary Mommy Moment this spring while enjoying what was supposed to be a fun-filled memorable day at the zoo with my children and friends, but quickly became a nightmare.  As I express in Scary Mommy Moment: You can’t Find your Child!, there is panic and pure adrenaline that takes over your body when you can’t locate your child. It is a feeling that no mom, parent, or guardian should have to feel or experience. But if they do have the misfortune of experiencing this scenario Rescuehood is the ally you want on your side!

Rescuehood would instantly alert everyone in the area that a child is at risk, so a mass of people can mobilize into action and rescue the child fast. Rescuehood is an emergency broadcast social network however in order for it to work the technology needs to be on EVERY mobile phone in the world to help save children from harm. The founders are building awareness parent by parent, community by community.

Rescuehood is a must for every SUPER MOM and for that SUPER MOM’s support network. This app is FREE; please share with all you come in contact with today.

Now it is your turn to share, what helps you be the SUPER MOM you are? Do you have a support network, technological allies, or some other means for getting through parenthood, please share?

Lastly, I would like to take a second to give a special shout out to all the amazing Mom bloggers, followers, and friends, you rock!! You are all a part of my social support system, it is nice to read other moms banters and blessings, to know that I am not alone, that there are others who have experienced the same is comforting. To all the SUPER MOMS out there I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day and God blesses all your efforts.

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