Is technology working for you or are you working for technology?

While driving the kiddos to school last week I heard something that was a tad alarming.  Apparently we are addicted to our phones.  We check our phones 110 times per day. Shocking, right!? My first thought was there is no way that was true. That study had to have been rigged. Then I took a second and really contemplated how often I check Facebook, email,the time, etc.  My conclusion was that maybe 110 wasn’t such a ridiculous number after all. Perhaps we are addicted?

Hello, my name is Kat and I am addicted to checking things online. Checking what? Well, this is embarrassing to admit but I easily check Facebook a half dozen times right after I post something in order to see who will be the first to like or comment.  I also do the same right after I send an email to see if they have replied yet. Like they are just sitting there waiting for my email…like they have nothing better to do, ha-ha! The crazy thing is that the beauty of Facebook and email is that it doesn’t have to be in real time. I don’t have to be present when someone hits like. Which makes sense now but what about later, how do I stop?  How do I stop the insanity?  Lol!

See, even if I walk away from the computer, silence the phone, and shut off any other screened device my mind will still be distracted with the thoughts of…I wonder if anyone liked that….I wonder if so-and-so read my comment….what if so-and-so read it, interpreted it wrong, and is spreading horrid lies across Facebook right now?  And that is just Facebook.  There is plenty more where that came from for emails, meetup, twitter, etc.  I need to refocus! One of the main purposes of email, Facebook, meetup, etc. is the convenience, right?  They should be freeing up my time.  So why is it compromising my time? Is technology working for me or am I working for technology? Hmmm?


It clearly isn’t healthy to occupy your time offline thinking about the things going on online. So my solution is to unplug, redirect, and to go easy on myself. I remember reading somewhere that it takes us up to 21 days to adjust to a lifestyle change.  So I have been planning my time accordingly and carefully.  I have been allowing myself a ½ hour either in the morning or afternoon to check, post, and comment.  This is proving more difficult than I had anticipated. Turns out my main downfall was instant messaging on facebook….it is fascinating how quickly time flies when chatting online with multiple peeps. So I had to adjust my chat settings, which felt slightly deceitful but it was necessary. And when I am offline I have found the following to really be a helpful distraction….

Painting with a Fairy Princess…..

 dollartree_halowwenparade 004


Learning about NFL players with an Army Man…..

dollartree_halowwenparade 007



project_wishlist_pumkincookies 017

And partaking in a few science projects…..

jew_robotcan 032


My time is valuable and I don’t want another minute to be wasted on meaningless distractions about things that truly are not that important in the grand scheme of things. I mean let’s face it, while I enjoy reading Facebook statuses, seeing pics of my friends and their adorable little ones, reading an interesting article or two, etc. I am growing brains, young and impressionable brains. I need to model healthy behavior with technology. I don’t want my children to be slaves to the virtual world.  But I must admit I only see this becoming more difficult given the rate that technology is advancing.

How do you balance your online time? How do you manage that urge to check your phone? Have you introduced technology to your children, if so how do you moderate that time? Are you concerned with the impact technology is having on children? Please share.


Tribute to Fat Tuesday that includes a GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday!!!

Today is the day to celebrate; it is the last hoorah before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  Which means it is time to get those indulgences out-of-the-way before tomorrow. My indulges include, and in no particular order……


Fat Tuesday means Paczki, pronounced (poonch-key). Paczki are traditional polish pastries that are deep-fried, sugar-coated, glazed, or iced and filled to the point of bursting with fruit or cream filling. In terms of a historical perspective Paczki are a special indulgence and tradition on Fat Tuesday because the idea was to use up all the fat, sugar, eggs, and fruit before the fasting of Lent begins. 

Son eating Paczki, he actually likes the lemon ones, yuck!
Me shoving my face….Fat Tuesday only comes once a year, what’s one Paczki in the grand scheme of things?


Shopping….(I might not have to give this up thanks to Sneakpeeq)

Hello!! What women amongst us doesn’t enjoy perusing the mall or web for stylish (insert favorite fashion ensemble or accessory here) and/or delectable treats to eat? Well, I have a confession; I might have found a loophole for this one. I planned on giving up shopping due to the financial strain it can cause and throwing money out the window is not good. But, what if there was a way to nurture the fashionista or foodie inside of you without breaking a sweat or your pocketbook (Really!?! Who says pocketbook anymore? But you get the point). 

GIVEAWAY….So here is the deal

Sneakpeeq, the largest and fastest growing social shopping company on Facebook that has “all the things you love, but haven’t discovered yet” (such an honest tag line) is giving everyone 20% off their first purchase just for signing up. AND…that’s right sisters there is an AND….you will be entered in a giveaway for a chance to win a $25 gift card to purchase items for the fashionista, foodie, or interior decorator in you (and $25 is a substantial amount thanks to Sneakpeeq budget-friendly boutiques).

To receive your 20% off and enter the $25 gift card giveaway you must CLICK HERE and join sneakpeeq! Winner will be announced on my blog March 9th, 2012. Happy Shopping Ladies!!



Skinny Girl Margaritas…..

I’ll be honest; I do enjoy a glass of Skinny Girl Margarita at the end of the week, often Friday evening once the kiddos are in bed.  I can sit down and sip on this refreshing and less guilt margarita while daydreaming of a tropical beach somewhere, just me and my hubby, (and my flat pre-babies belly of course) just laying on a beach soaking up some sunshine (there is no need to worry about skin cancer or wrinkles in a daydream) it is beautiful!!  Goodbye to my daydream inducing sipping pleasures.

Girl Scout Cookies…

We just picked them up yesterday, time to hurry up and load up on my Samoas before tomorrow. Funny Story….Our preschooler came downstairs this morning and was greeted by this site.

His eyes opened wide and he exclaimed, “I love Fat Tuesday”.  I had to laugh, I could contain myself. I then of course explained to him that they are not all our cookies, they do belong to other people.


Hello Old friend. For Lent I will be giving up Starbucks.  To clarify this means I will not walk into a Starbucks OR drive through the Drive-thru (Wow! That was difficult to type; I can only image how difficult it will be to drive past).

I have decided to make time with my children an even stronger priority during Lent. This means reading more books (yes, even the same book 8 times), playing more games, and doing more crafts. 

In recognition of Mardi Gras I am including a fun craft you can do with your kiddos, simply click here.

How are you celebrating Fat Tuesday? What are your Fat Tuesday indulgences?