The Case of: Shouldn’t we be somewhere by now? Doink Doink (Snapshots of our day)

Ever feel like you spend a lot of time in your car traveling around town, picking up and dropping off children, often  traveling no more than 10 miles from your home, and yet all that time and brief trips add up but you always arrive back where you started? Don’t you feel like you should be somewhere by now?  Where does the time and mileage go?

I decided to solve this case through the use of snap shots. Each time we enter our vehicle the Law & Order Doink Doink will appear to indicate important evidence in this case.

So here we go…

And so it begins, our trips, albeit short trips, in the car. We are off to story time at the Library. I have all 3 kiddos because our school district has a delay start. Thankfully we had a little bit of time to relax this morning our typical departure time is 8:40am.

Doink Doink


She loves story time! Songs, bubbles, dancing, stories, and more! It is a ½ of toddler bliss!
La pièce de résistance bubbles!
Back in the car! We need to go drop off our eldest at school. She had a delay start this morning. We do not have bus transportation so I often joke that I am the bus driver.
And we are off to the park on this unseasonably warm day.
She had a blast!!
Nothing like picnicking in the Park in the winter!!
It got up to 66 degrees, unseasonably warm for Northwest Ohio.
We had a blast at the park, now it is time to head home.
Once home from the park it was time to clean up from breakfast. I should have at least soaked this one, oh well, thank goodness for vinegar.
Crap, I forgot to wash my daughter’s Girl Scout smock. It’s not like it hasn’t been sitting down here for the past two week!! Why? Why do I do this to myself, do I like the rush that comes with, well, rushing? Truthfully, a little, yes. It’s like I am in a game show and I don’t know if I will make it before the buzzer goes off. The procrastination leads to anticipation that becomes addicting and so the cycle continues. And yes, in case you were wondering I did get the task accomplished before the buzzer. WINNER!!
Nap time!! This is also when mommy does a little dance time in honor of nap time!!!
The running around at the park helped, he is actually sleeping. Thank you God, I need a few minutes to myself in order to maintain my sanity, or what is left of it.
Time to prep dinner; I would love to kiss the person who invented the Cock-Pot, now that is a pure genius!!
Me time! Time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs! Let’s see what’s going on at Table for More, Allie is due like any minute with baby 3, maybe today is the day! Is blogging, writing and reading blogs, the new reality Soap Opera time? Hmm……
I try to take at least 10 minutes a day to workout. Which usually involves me doing standing sit-ups and, yes, I hate to even admit it but I have a shaky weight thing, there, I have come clean! My motivation is usually a DVR Dr. Oz show. Most of his shows involve weight loss, getting, healthy, and such. Not today, today was Pro Anna movement which entailed a lot of pictures of Anorexic women.
This is one of the images they showed. This is a woman’s hip bones, it was so sad. She is literally dying to be thin.
After viewing and listening to those women’s stories I ran to the kitchen with my shape-up shoes on and grabbed a cookie in honor of them. So much for my motivation!
It is nice to have a snack ready after school. Sweet Potato sticks are one of the kiddo’s favorite.
It is time to wake up, freshen up and go pickup our Kindergartener.
Nice incentive for being early to pickup, everyone get a few minutes to read, or in our preschooler & toddler’s case look at a book.



We are arriving home with all 3 kiddos with just enough time to freshen-up, have a quick snack, and grab her Girl Scout smock and go!
It is time for that after school snack. These go quick! So quick that it is difficult to capture in a picture, the toddlers had is that blur in the corner.
I ran upstairs to go potty (that sounds real distinguished) and came down to find that our toddler had changed shirts, misplaced her pants, and was now wearing a hat. Seriously!?! We have to go, now!
We are all back in the car to drop off our eldest at a Girl Scout meeting. Thankfully we have an awesome neighbor, and friend, who’s graciously offered to drop her off after meetings. Thank you Sue!





Once home it is time to get things ready for tomorrow. Finish laundry, go through papers, clip coupons, plan menu of meals for next two weeks, answer questions about light sabers and dinosaurs (Really!?! I an extensive knowledge of things like architecture, food, clothes, furniture, and how to get food out of clothes and furniture but unfortunately my knowledge is lacking when it comes to Star Trek and Dinosaurs) and read Dora the Snow Princess 8 times.
It is time to clip and organize coupons and finish meal planning which has been made so much easier thanks to Rachel Ray’s meal planning inserts from her magazine. Simply keep all the inserts in a file and go through past ones to plan for future meals (you can substitute certain ingredients in order to meet your dietary needs).
Our little Girl Scout arrives home with this awesome St. Patrick’s Day craft. How cute is our little Lepracon? She always has so much fun at her meeting, her Leaders and mom helpers are amazing.
This is one of those slim pickings meals, you know the ones, when you are trying to squeeze out one more meal before you have to go grocery shopping. This meal contains 4 ingredients, high fiber whole grain bread, one can of cream of mushroom soup, four skinless boneless chicken breasts, and green beans. So easy and full of fiber and protein, could you ask for more? (Well, I guess you could, someone else could so the dishes).
Before we eat dinner and our eldest goes to CCD (school of religion class) we read out of our MagnifiKid, The flight from Egypt, and do the Jelly Bean prayer.
I am back in the car, for the last time (fingers-crossed), to drop of our eldest at CCD. My hubby does pick-up at 8pm, thank goodness.




Based upon the evidence provided and after carefully and thoroughly analyzing that evidence we have come to the conclusion that…..that…you should most definitely be somewhere by now.