Ladies Night Out Recap & Giveaway

Last night marked the first ever Mom on the go in Holy Toledo Ladies Night Out!!! And it was an absolute blast!!!

ladiesnightout11_15 043

The evening started with a fun little game that got the ladies mingling.  Everyone had an index card pinned to their back with a name of a popular chick flick written on it. The object of the game was to mingle around the room and ask others yes or no questions in order to receive clues to help solve the mystery of the movie title pinned on their back. The titles included, The Notebook, Thelma & Louise, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, You’ve got Mail, etc. And the best part, the winner received a prize!

ladiesnightout11_15 019


Then everyone grabbed refreshments and the lovely Tricia shared this new, awesome, trendy meets classic jewelry line KEEP Collective.

ladiesnightout11_15 006


ladiesnightout11_15 010


ladiesnightout11_15 024


I was so impressed with both the style and quality of this personalized jewelry.  The concept of KEEP is so simple.  You pick a bracelet or necklace (she called them Keepers), and then you slide charms (she called them Keys) on that represent the “things” that matter to you — family, faith, friendship, hobbies, etc.  I am always on the lookout for awesome, quality, customizable gifts and KEEP Collective is PERFECT!! 


ladiesnightout11_15 004


ladiesnightout11_15 025

And you won’t be able to resist designing something for yourself, too. She has some great ideas on a beautiful Mom Bracelet that is so different than what you’ve seen before.  (So, tell your husbands to call Trish!  Trust me; you will thank me for that tip!)  You can place an order anytime through this link: 



You could be the Mystery Hostess…….

Want to know the best part of all of this?  If you weren’t able to make it to Ladies Night Out you can still participate in the Mystery Hostess party. If you place an order using the link above, you (yes, you!!) could possibly win the Hostess Rewards for the entire party!  Tricia told us that she works hard to help her “hostesses” raise $1000 in retail sales, so that means at least $250 in Hostess Rewards (you read correctly, you could purchase one bracelet and if your name is pulled you could receive $250 in rewards….all you have to do to be entered in the hostess pool is buy one product).  Who couldn’t use an extra $250 to spend at Christmas time?!  If you want to see some design ideas, check out the pictures on her business Facebook page here:  I am simply in love with KEEP Collective!!! 


After our love affair with KEEP Collective I had a little surprise for the ladies, a pop quiz on chocolate, Ireland, and even a few random questions. And I do believe I stumped them on a few, the winner, the person with the highest score, which was 8/12 won one of the beautiful painted wine glass samples that Uncork the Artist provided.  Which transitioned us into the final event that evening, we painted wine glasses!!


ladiesnightout11_15 039

Let me tell you, painting a wine glass is much harder than it looks! But it was a challenge the ladies happily accepted and nearly all accelerated their skill (I was not one of them, lol!) we have some very talented artist in the bunch, check these out…..

ladiesnightout11_15 051


ladiesnightout11_15 050


ladiesnightout11_15 049


ladiesnightout11_15 052


ladiesnightout11_15 053

And the cherry on this legendary ladies night out sundae, we each received massages throughout the evening by the beautiful Joy at Rey Sunshine Massage

ladiesnightout11_15 030

I left feeling so refreshed, rejuvenated, and so blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing ladies! But I am slightly bummed that everyone wasn’t able to make it, so in an effort to extend the spirit of the Ladies Night Out I am inviting all of you to participate in this SWEET giveaway!!!

WIN $25 to KEEP Collective…..

To Enter:

  1. Click here and show Tricia from KEEP Collective some love
  2. Request a mock up from Tricia…she has a virtual design tool where she can design something for you
  3. Comment with your answer to this trivia question: On average, what do you do 15 times a day? a. Laugh b. Burp c. Break wind   d. Lick your lips

Winner will be randomly selected November 23rd @ 11:59pm.











Avon Spa Night and Giveaway!!

Last Friday night I had the most enjoyable and relaxing evening with friends and fellow moms, I hosted an Avon Spa Night!

sand art_spanight 032

The invites read….

As a mom you give, and give, and GIVE! You deserve a break!

You deserve time to unwind and relax, you deserve a Spa Night!

On the menu for the evening:

– Detox & Hydrate Bar: Help yourself to a variety of veggies, sushi, etc. and a few naughty treats at the bar.

– Hand treatments: Sugar scrub, Paraffin dip, and moisturizer lotion.

– Avon Representative Lilly will share some of the great products Avon has for you to enjoy your own personal Spa Nights at home. As well as, some great tips for looking great while under the influence of motherhood.

– Raffle!

– Socializing time and table topics

– Massages: Massage Therapist will be bringing her table and setting up a tranquil retreat for private massages. (Massages are a $1 per minute, massages can vary from 10-45 minutes)

Please come dressed in comfortable lounging clothes. This is a moms only event, no kiddos, we want you to relax.

Added bonus: First 6 moms to RSVP will receive a prize!


Apparently a lot of moms agreed that a Spa Night was the perfect cure for the mommy mayhem because we filled the house with 10 Momma!  (Please note, I and one mom are missing from the photo, she was enjoying her massage…just seemed wrong to interrupt a peaceful massage for a photo-op).

sand art_spanight 052 (2)

Each mom took her turn getting a massage while the remainder enjoyed learning and using a few of the many awesome products Avon offers.  You truly can bring the Spa Experience home with Avon thus saving both time and money, and this party proved it. Here is just one example…

avon_emergencychoc 018

Mani-Pedi with paraffin wax dips at a Spa can cost an up worth of $80.  And you also have to find a babysitter for your kiddos and then work around that sitter’s schedule, exhausting! So, what’s the next best option? Bring the Spa experience home and give yourself a Mani-Pedi with paraffin wax (which can take time to get out, heat up, and clean). And while you may not require a babysitter you will have to walk the fine line between the kiddos falling asleep and you falling asleep. There is nothing worse than red nail polish across the forehead in the morning as you walk your child into school. After you have explained to the umpteenth parent that no, you are not bleeding, it is nail polish, you almost wish your forehead was just bleeding (hypothetically speaking of course)! So what is a mom to do? Go through life with dry cracking hands and feet accompanied by naked nails! NOOO (hands on cheeks, and screaming in astonishment)!! Avon to the rescue!


Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask! This stuff is A-Mazing! We used it on our hands, placed a warm towel over our hands, a few minutes later, and voila! Beautiful, soft, young-looking hands, like Magic! Talk about convenient and affordable, takes no time compared to getting out the paraffin kit and heating up the wax, and it only cost $6. Hello, I believe this is what they call a no-brainer! Oh, and that nail drying dilemma, solved!

Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel Urban Rush Shades

Speed Dry nail polish! No more having to worry about a scarlet line across the forehead as you drop your kiddos off at school (again, totally hypothetical scenario).  Not only did this party prove that it is much more convenient and practical to have an Avon Spa night at home as opposed to visiting the Spa but I also learned a few tidbits for my morning routine.

avon_emergencychoc 014

Such as, did you know that you should be doing your eye makeup first and then your foundation? I had no idea but it does make sense.  I often get eye shadow powder on my cheeks and sometimes a speck of mascara under my eyes.  It really stinks because I have to wipe it off and begins the process of trying to match the new foundation up with the prior coat. Now I do my eye makeup first and if I get anything on my cheeks I can wipe it clean with the handy makeup remover wipes that I received for hosting, in addition to eye makeup remover. We also had a chance to try out other Avon products. 

sand art_spanight 061

As the night progressed we had a raffle and then in was finally time for my massage. After that massage I was a happy, refreshed, and distressed momma.  It was such a great night! I only wish I could have invited all of you to the party, or at least have gotten everyone’s name into the raffle. What if there was a way? That’s right, giveaway!!

Lilly, the Avon Independent Sales Representative who shared all the amazing products Avon offers wants you to stress less, by saving time and money with the Avon Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask and a Speed Drying nail polish (click here to see color options for nail polish). How awesome is she?

To Enter:

  1. Like Lilly’s Avon Ind. Sls. Rep. facebook page (please like from your personal facebook page and not a business, for some reason only the personal pages are counting on facebook now)
  2. Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo facebook page (please like from your personal facebook page and not a business, for some reason only the personal pages are counting on facebook now)
  3. Like Be Well Massage Therapy (please like from your personal facebook page and not a business, for some reason only the personal pages are counting on facebook now)
  4. Once you have completed all three then post a comment stating you have done so.

Winner will be randomly selected March 8th