Tuesday’s Tribute to my Treasures

As a mom we are always telling our children to, share, respect one another, communicate “work it out”, in hopes of cementing that sibling bond that will last a lifetime.  I also think as mothers we pray that we have given our children the necessary social skills, morals, and values and beliefs, which will last the tests of time. So that one day when we are no longer on this planet they can look after each other.

My amazing siblings, our bond is strong. I hope I can do at least half as well as my mom did instilling the importance of family and faith.

Little did I know at the beginning of last week that I would have the opportunity to experience both the cemented sibling bond, as well as the overwhelming feeling that takes over a mother when they remember they are mortal?

Long story short…..

It all started three weeks ago when my daughter was diagnosed with strep throat. She took her meds and was back to herself in no time!  A week later my throat started to hurt, so like any mom I figured I would save some time and try over-the-counter meds first but nothing helped.  So I contacted my doctor last week and explained the situation.  She called in a script, I picked, it up, and I was looking forward to some relief. By Wednesday my throat was worse, the side of my neck was so swollen it looked like I had a goiter, I was practically choking on the uvula in the back of my throat, I could not open my mouth all the way, and I thought I was experiencing hot flashes between my fever and chills.  I knew this was not normal, I have had strep before, and it usually subsided within 5-8 days, and even faster once you take the meds. There was no relief and my body was slowing down which wasn’t good since mom is the machine that keeps this family running.   So the Doctor made an exception and got me by means of triple booking appointments for Wednesday.

My poor brother walked into my home in shambles, hurricane Toddler hit!

I went in to see her and she basically said what I was experiencing was “normal” for strep throat”.  My gut told me this wasn’t normal and I inquired if there was any other possible prognosis she could think of but, again, she reassured me this was normal.  So, I went home and figured I just needed to suck it up for a few more days.  My husband also reassured me that what I was experiencing sounded like normal strep throat symptoms. Well, come Friday I could not swallow, I was drooling, my voice sounded muffled (when I could talk), there was so much swelling in my mouth that my tongue started to ache, and it felt like my body was shutting down.  I could not do a thing Friday, the house was in shambles, my toddler had pulled things out of drawers, dumped toys everywhere, dirty clothes were piled up, and it was a sad picture.   That evening my mom called and as soon as she heard my muffled, underwater like voice she told me to get to the hospital. At that point I had endured so much, and even though I hate hospitals the visit sounded like relief.

Kind of short…….

This is when that cemented sibling bond that moms so desperate hope to instill in their children really comes in handy.  God bless my little brother.  On a Friday night he put his own personal plans to go out on a date and hang with friends’ aside, without a second thought, and came over to my messy home and watched all three of my children.  I gave him no instructions, no ideas what to do with the kiddos and he did not ask.  He said they would be fine and we left.


Once at the urgent care the nurse did a throat culture and I no longer had Strep. The doctor came in and within a minute explained that I had Peritonsillar abscess. Peritonsillar abscess is a complication of tonsillitis and is most often caused by a type of bacteria called group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus. She explained that this is serious and a medical emergency.  The abscess could rupture into my throat and block my airway and/or spread infection further. So she gave me a steroid shot, right then and there, and prescribed a heavy antibiotic and four more days of steroid pills.  I left that room with a huge smile on my face or at least a goofy sideways grin, relief was in my future!

I never took my eyes off of them

My Treasures…..

It wasn’t until the next day that the severity of the event truly hit me. It was during family movie night.  We watched Inspector Gadget and ate pizza.  I could not tell you one thing about that movie but I can describe each of my children’s expressions while they watched the movie.  I never took my eyes off of them; I realized how close to not being here I was.  The thoughts of who would take care of my babies, who would kiss their boo-boos, who would say their prayers at night, etc. consumed my mind.  I am the mommy.  I want to always be their mommy. I want to always be HERE for them.  I prayed long and hard that night.  I thanked God for entrusting those three little souls into my care, for giving me the opportunity to give life and for my life, I LOVE my life and I want to keep it. And most of all I thanked God for my treasures….the people…my husband, mother father, sister, brother, chidlren, in-laws, friends, etc. because when all is said and done it will be the memories we take with us.

They make my heart skip a beat….
The air I breathe....
My life....

One day I will be gone but I can sleep easier
knowing they have each other.