New Year’s Eve Party! (Fun Recipe)

The excitement is building at our house and I am sure your homes too.  The kiddos can’t wait for our New Year’s Eve party.

Happy New Year!

Our party usually starts around six in the evening.  The kiddos are allowed to dress in whichever outfit they please. This is a lot of fun because one year we might have Spiderman and Belle from Beauty and the Beast and another we might have a daughter dressed in a swimsuit and cover-up and son in his pajama shirt and snow pants. We never know “who” will be joining us for the New Year’s Eve party but we are always guaranteed a smile.

Cheeseburgers, or are they?

We sit food out on the table for the kiddos to munch on while we write our New Year’s resolutions on a balloons and talk about the fun things we did during the year and the accomplishments the children have made (i.e. going to Kindergarten, going to Preschool, walking).  Then, around 8pm we go outside with pots and pans screaming Happy New Year and the children pop their poppers, play their toy instruments as loud as they want, pop their balloons with the resolutions on them, and then the kiddos are off to bed.

We made these for our New Year’s Eve Party

The hope (and I say hope because in the past five years this has happened once) is that my hubby and I can stay awake and toast the New Year together.  We’ll see how it goes.

Cheeseburger Cookies

Recipe for Cheeseburger Cookies


2 (12 oz.) boxes vanilla wafers

1 egg white

1/4 c. sesame seeds

Yellow and red food coloring

1 c. coconut Green food coloring 2 (10 oz.)

1 pkg. grasshopper chocolate-covered cookies (or thin mint)

1 can white frosting


Place whole perfect wafers on 2 trays; one with wafers facing up, the other with wafers facing down (i had 35 on each)

Brush wafers (top of bun) with egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Mix frosting with yellow food coloring until it resembles American cheese.

Place coconut in jar with 3 drops of green food coloring and put lid on then shake.

Then assemble burgers, use dab of frosting to glue grasshopper cookie to wafer. Then place coconut on top of grasshopper cookie. Place frosting on the other side of “the bun” then place on top of the coconut. And enjoy!

I hope you and your family have a Happy and Safe New Year’s Eve.  I will share more next year.

God Bless,


Please share your family’s New Year’s Eve traditions, or maybe you plan on starting one this year? How many times have you and your hubby made it to Midnight?