No Preservatives, Additives, or DRIPS!! (For $1!)

It is hot outside and the kiddos have been playing for all of 10 minutes. They want a snack along with half the other kids from the neighborhood who are in your backyard. Hmmm….what to feed them?! Want to offer them something that isn’t processed? That has no additives or preservatives? That has no dyes?  No corn syrup? Why not throw organic in the mix too!? How does an organic refreshing blueberry Popsicle sound? One you made? You are probably thinking, because I know I was, been there done that and the gosh darn bags/popsicle molds/didn’t work! I also almost gave up on the entire concept until I came across these gems at the Dollar Store! Yep, the DOLLAR STORE! (Amazon wanted $9.99!) One container makes 4 popsicles, so you might want to stock up! And guess what, they actually work! I like the fact that all drips are caught and can be slurped through the straw on the side. So there is less mess. I am lusting after these things! They are the hot commodity in our household right now…I am having a tough time keeping them stocked!

popsies 045


popsies 039


2 cups frozen fruit (fills 6-8 popsicles)

Kiddos really enjoy blueberry, strawberry, mango, & pineapple and you can mix the fruit…have them come up with their own flavor and name it! My little one made Purple Princess Blueberry Blush…it is fun to hear the crazy names they come up with!

1 tablespoon Agave

¾ cup water

Popsicle container


popsies 042


popsies 047


popsies 044


Place all ingredients in the food processor or blender and blend baby, blend!! Then pour contents into the containers. Best part is since the fruit is frozen it literally takes an hour for the popsicles to be ready. SCORE! And then enjoy!!


popsies 017


popsies 014

Moms & Dads can also enjoy these delicious treats…FYI-they also taste great in a cocktails