Regretting Parenthood is a Thing

Is it normal to regret having a baby, children? Am I allowed to feel regret?

I came across this topic and it made my momma heart sink. Initially I thought of all those women longing to be mothers and dealing with their own infertility struggles and how they would long to simply hold a baby in their arms. And then I considered the pressure put on women by society and our culture. The pressure to have and do it all, have the career, have the baby, get the promotions, raise children, have the social status, be on all the committees, etc. And the immense pressure “at-home” moms receive, since they’re at home they should be able to do it all, the laundry, dishes, all the household work, raise the kids, and there’s this added pressure, “at-home mom guilt”, that they should be the ones volunteering for everything, after all, they don’t

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