Tuesday’s Tip: Upcycle Underwear Packaging

We are getting ready to potty train our toddler. And I refuse to start the process until we have accumulated at least 30 pair of panties/underwear. This might sound like an abundance of panties/underwear but our method for potty training is cold turkey, or as I prefer to call it 3 days of Hell (when potty training a little girl) and 5 days (when potty training a little boy). So the question is what to do with all those panty/underwear packages?

I always try to repurpose packaging, wrapping, old items etc. and give them a new life and underwear packaging is no exception to this rule. I have found that they are great methods to organizing kids’ small toys and/or accessories, such as Barbie clothes and shoes (I get so sick of stepping on Barbie shoes), small Legos (another item I dread stepping on…those things are vicious), Mrs. Potato head’s accessories (I know they can be stored in the butt, lol! That sounded horrible, let me rephrase, stored in Mrs. Potato head’s butt, but for some reason we are always losing her bottom piece….I really hope you have a clue about what I am referring to otherwise I might sound a little nuts, haha.), and there are so many other ways to get organized with panty/underwear packaging.

 tuestip_pantybag 018

tuestip_pantybag 025

tuestip_pantybag 021


For some more fun ways to upcycle items checkout 50 Creative Ways to Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle Old Things.


What do you upcycle?