Space Scouts Review! (Includes promo code)

Our Space Scouts monthly subscription club kit arrived the other day, you know, the delightful learning adventure aimed at discovering the wonders of the universe where children can learn about space exploration, science, and astronomy, it arrived!! Our 7 & 8 year olds couldn’t wait to get their hands on it! All that could be heard as they opened the packages was, oohhs & ahhs, as they looked through the contents which included:

spacescout_funfactory 014BLOGG

  • Space Scouts Lunchbox
  • Space Scouts Solar System Poster
  • Space Scouts Activity Sheet
  • Space Scouts Sticker Scramble
  • Space Scouts Souvenir Toy
  • Space Scouts Constellation Card Startup Kit (cover & ring)
  • Introduction to Space Scouts Constellation Cards

And then once everything was out their journey began!

 spacescout_funfactory 025BLOGG

Ricky & Jett, their guides on their expedition through the solar system addressed the children as Space Scouts, which they took much pride in as they launched off!  They began their expedition with first learning about Ursa Major/Big Dipper which included a brief history, the ancient Greeks story to explain the Big Bear in the sky, awesome brain games for the children to solve, and constellation card that had holes that form the Big Dipper when a flash light is shined from behind it in a dark room.

spacescout_funfactory 035BLOG



spacescout_funfactory 026BLOGG



The children about lost their minds when they saw the constellation on their ceiling, talk about cool!! They had a blast playing with the souvenir toys, completing the word scrambles, putting the magnets on the lunch box, and completing the sticker scramble!


spacescout_funfactory 033BLOG

Parent’s point of view….

What I like about Space Scouts is the fact that each month the children learn something new about the solar system and receive information on a new constellation and card to add to their collection. I also appreciate the fact that the Space Scouts makes learning fun and engaging, the children were eager to see the night sky and be the first to point out the Big Dipper.  And I am extremely thankful that Space Scouts comes with an adorable retro lunch boxes where the children can keep all their Space Scout goodies…and said lunch box doesn’t take up much space! The constellations ring is also a genius idea, our son can’t wait to collect them all…he wants to be quizzed on them, haha!  

Space Scouts is the perfect gift for kiddos 6 and up! I am looking forward to next month’s arrival, it is a great way to help pass the time over winter break, snow days, spring break, road trips, etc. and I love the fact that it gives them a much needed break from screens!!!

I highly recommend Space Scouts. To order (only 11.95 + shipping) click here, 20% discount – Use promo code USFAMILY20 at checkout to receive 20% discount on initial purchase of any Space Scouts subscription plan.

Disclosure: I was given free two months subscription to Space Scouts in order to provide review. No additional compensations was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


McDonald’s Mighty Wings Review & Giveaway!!

Fall to me means, sweaters, lattes, crockpot recipes, pumpkin pie, carving jack-o-lanterns, leaves changing colors, jumping in leaves, and FOOTABLL!!

Whether the NFL or college, football is a time for friends, family, and fans to come together.  To gather and cheer, to show their team spirit, and at times even argue over whose team is better. But there is one neutral ground, where Browns and Steeler fans and Ohio State and Michigan fans can come together as one, the food table!!

The food table, where all fans can get their grub on. The dishes on the food table have been passed down from one generation to the nest and over the years only the real tried and true dishes have established a permanent residence there.  The chip and practically any dip, chili, chili dog, anything with the word chili in it, also anything with cheese in it or that is considered a finger food are big winners at the food table. But the NFL of the food table is the chicken wings!

soccer_mcdonalds 026

So when McDonald’s contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing McDonald’s Mighty Wings at our next football gathering I said heck yes! Then I got a little nervous. As stated, the chicken wings are like the NFL of the food table and what if the Might Wings failed? That would reflect badly on me, and I have a title to upholds as “awesome food wife”. Lol!

What are McDonald’s Mighty Wings?

Mighty Wings are tender, meaty, bone-in chicken wings that deliver a bold taste. They are breaded and seasoned with cayenne and chili pepper served in three sizes – 3 pieces, 5 pieces or 10 pieces. Plus, you can for choose from nine sauces to accompany them.

soccer_mcdonalds 034

Game day arrived and while the guys were worried about their teams winning I was more concerned with whether or not the wings would qualify for the food table NFL status.

soccer_mcdonalds 037

Everyone grabbed a wing, and then silence….followed by many comments.

“These are from McDonald’s!?”

“They got a kick to ‘em”.

“I like the variety of sauces…I can get three wings with different sauces instead of the messy Buffalo wings with one.”

“These are great!”

“Breading is good, like the crispiness.”

Well there you have it! I’d say that they qualified.  (Side note: isn’t it funny how guys sum up their experience in four words while women tend to take like 4 sentences…and men do not like to be photographed while women can’t seem to get enough, lol!)

soccer_mcdonalds 033

My thoughts….

They are definitely bold.  They were a little spicy for my liking. But they are perfect for who they were intended for, guys!! And they are beyond perfect for football gatherings. Wives if you are hosting or need to bring something to the next game day gathering or tailgating I highly recommend swinging by McDonalds for some Might Wings! It will save you the time and energy of having to make something, ha-ha! And while you’re there get yourself a coffee drink…girl, you deserve it! Even better, what if you won a McDonald’s gift card and could use that for the wings and coffee?


One lucky reader will win a $10 McDonald’s gift card!

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Winner to be randomly selected Oct 18th @ 11:59pm

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Disclosure: I was given the McDonald’s Prize pack and coupons, no other compensation was received, and all opinions expressed are my own.

Neon Tiki Tribe Party (vlog) and GIVEAWAY

Here are some pictures from our event…



Once lucky follower will win…(a $30 value)

  • The Neon Tiki Tribe getting to know the characters sheet.
  • Neon Tiki Tribe: Tiki Beach Battle! (Dyslexic Friendly)
  • Neon Tiki Tribe: Dog Rescue Mission! (Dyslexic Friendly)
  • Neon Tiki Tribe: Bullies: Playground Push-Around (Dyslexic Friendly)
  • Three coupons for 25% off The Neon Tiki Tribe store
  • And one cool pair of Neon Tiki Tribe glasses


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The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure Review and Audience Feedback

We went to see The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure this morning with our Playgroup. It was a blast! The kiddos each received a butterfly glow stick wand that they waved eagerly as the movie started. 

When those butterflies first fluttered across the screen this mama was moving! Hello parents! This movie also gives you permission to get up and move. This is great considering the fact that while I was sitting, I was snacking, so I burned off a few M&Ms, thanks Oogieloves!  There were a couple other moms getting up with their kiddos and moving but the rest were either to comfy in their seats or didn’t want to be “that mom”.  I will gladly take that title; I am “that mom”. Why miss out on a wonderful and fun opportunity with your kiddos because you are afraid of what others will think? So my advice to all you parents who plan on seeing the movie is to get up out of your seat and enjoy it with your kiddos.

Also, don’t be overly concerned if your child is loud, getting out of their seat, or starting to get cranky. You are among friends, ALL of us parents have been there and this movie allows for getting up out of your seat and talking, shocking but true!

So, when viewing this movie let your child be…well, a child.  Embrace the experience, don’t over think things, and most of all, have fun!

Another added bonus of this feature film, letting your kiddos dance, sing, and get in and out of their seat tires them out. So you know what that means, they sleep!! Yet another reason to say….Thank you Oogieloves!

You’ll notice in the following video that all the kiddos look tired and on the verge of napping, that means they enjoyed the film!!  And the moms did to…but don’t take my word for it, listen to their feedback….


Mom on the go in Holy Toledo’s Review….

As a parent to young children I thought the plot was perfect.  The topics were appropriate; in fact I liked the fact that the story included shapes, animal sounds, and undertones that encourage cognitive development.  As a mom to younger children it was also encouraging to have them practice following directions. The characters were vibrant and contained unique features which I think is important because each child is unique.  I also liked the fact that the inanimate objects were characters too, it added to the innocence of the movie.  The cameos from Hollywood actors, the adult undertones, and the opportunity to dance with your children in a theater make this a positive experience for parents too!  No need to bring the aspirin but do wear some comfy shoes!


The price it right too! Earlier this summer our children were begging my hubby and I go see The Fresh Beat Band live show. We had to tell them no due to the cost. It was going to cost more than $150 for our entire family to see the show. And of course as parents we were disappointed too that we couldn’t take our entire family. The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure is the perfect solution; it is like a Live show experience for the price of a movie ticket. (Also, if you go early ticket prices are discounted and 2 and under are FREE! At least here in Toledo.)


I give The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure an A, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up!!

Calling all MOMS!!!


In order for this movie to be successful and to hopefully encourage Hollywood to create more TRUE G-Rated films we need your help.  Hollywood needs to hear your voice, how?

 We need you to support and promote the RatedGGG hashtag.

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Lastly please share your experience, feedback, thoughts regarding the movie. Did you enjoy the film? Have you been yet? Do you plan on going? Do you feel that Hollywood is lacking when it comes to G rated films? You have a point of view and I want to hear it…so please share.