Cat Chat Concert (Organic & no GMO way to Nourish Your Kiddo’s Soul)

Total confession, 6 years ago I would have told you there was no correlation between the people, media, music, etc. in my life or the impact that my media, music, etc. decisions had on my children. Shoot, I thought it was cute when my child started singing Poker Face by Lady Gaga and music in that same genre. That is until I had the opportunity to attend a very inspiring presentation, and it was during that presentation that I had an authentic aha moment!

The gist of the presentation was about the pest, weeds, and chemicals that can harm our children’s psyche. Funny how we worry so much about the pesticides, GMOs, additives, etc. our children could potentially consume but focus little attention on the nourishment of their souls. I am sure you are familiar with the expression, ‘you are what you eat’. Well this presentation addressed the fact that you are what you listen to & watch, mind-blowing right!?!

So, take a moment to reflect and consider the nourishment you are feeding your children’s souls. Are they listening and watching positive, encouraging, & uplifting programing?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they could watch and listen to entertaining programing that also enriched their souls? That helped their spirits grow closer to Christ? Now that’s what I call organic nourishment!! And that is precisely what Cat Chat offers children.



What is Cat Chat?

Gerald & Denise Montpetit are the founders and creators of Cat.Chat Productions. They have 5 children who are actively involved in the ministry.

They operate as a family owned ministry/business under the guidance of their local Bishop.

With a creative and talented team of graphic and web designers, illustrators, writers, compilers, editors, producers, musicians and singers, Cat.Chat strives for excellence in every aspect of the ministry.

Celebrating their 10th year of operation in 2011, Cat.Chat has created a bank of Catholic music and resources that have proven to be ‘classics’ for families, schools and churches.

CLICK here to hear a sample of Cat Chat music



TV Series

Cat.Chat has teamed up with EWTN, the largest religious network in the world! They have filmed 8 exciting 30 min. theme based episodes for their 1st season and recently filmed SEASON 2 of Cat.Chat in August 2014 at EWTN. Stay Tuned for more details and the release date of the DVDs and Broadcast times on EWTN.

If you don’t have EWTN on Satellite/cable, watch it live online at




The Cat.Chat family and Moses the Cat have performed over 500 concerts in the past 9 years for parishes, schools and Catholic events/conferences across the USA and Canada. Audiences have been “WOWED” by The Cat.Chat family’s unique blend of faith and lively entertainment. And they are coming to Toledo!! September 19th @ 1:30pm at Blessed Sacrament Parish.

Each concert brings children into a refreshing experience of faith and challenges kids to make Jesus the center of their lives. The 1h and 20min concert is filled with powerful music, dynamic teachings, crowd participation, unicycling, juggling, yo-yos and loads of fun. The songs and teachings help kids learn about Jesus, Mary, the Sacraments, the Saints, perseverance and the fruits of the Spirit. After the concert, the Cat.Chat family and Moses the Cat stick around to take photos, sign autographs and “chat”.

Cat Chat Toledo Concert Event!!

TOLEDO SEPTEMBER 19th @ 1:30pm at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish

To order Tickets click HERE

Tickets are priced perfectly for families!! Why not make an afternoon of it….Invite friends, pack a picnic, eat at Close Park, kiddos can play on the playground, and then walk over to the concert!!