What age should kids start dating?

30, 40, never! Often the responses parents give when they think about their adorable little one embarking on the dating world, which let’s be honest, is ultimately the first step toward replacing mom and/or dad as the sole proprietor of their hearts. Though the thought really tugs at those heartstrings it is a good idea to have a conversation regarding dating early on. That way children have a clear and concise idea of what dating is, why it’s important, the main purpose, and where your household stands on the topic of dating. Otherwise, the alternative is them learning everything about dating from their peers and let’s be honest that advice ranks right up there with a dumpster fire colliding with a trainwreck at lightning speed, no amount of therapy can backpedal from that kinda catastrophic advice. So, what age should kids start dating? In order to answer that question the purpose of dating must first be addressed. Why date in the first place? 

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