What’s St. Nicholas Day?

It’s the first week of Advent and if I’m being totally honest I’m fatigued and my heart just isn’t 100% in it. Having to always be the bearer of bad news to my kiddos has really taken its toll on me. In the past few weeks I’ve had to crush their spirits over and over again by relaying news that yet another Christmas event or festivity that they were looking forward to attending and/or participating in is either cancelled, postponed, or has gone virtual. As a huge proponent of the gift of experiences and the magic of sharing said experiences with extended family members this Christmas is really hitting hard…it is the quality time together with family and friends that really means the most year round but especially at Christmas. It’s the touring the Manor House with friends, watching the classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the Valentine Theatre with a live audience and everyone ringing bells at the very end, it’s even being the co-chair of the Santa Shop and watching little ones eyes light up as they shop for that special someone, I miss it ALL and it’s really hitting me harder than anticipated. I guess you don’t realize just how rich your life is until you’ve had everything halted and you can reflect back on it just like George Bailey did, now if only we could tell Clarence, “I want to LIVE again!” and just like that it’d all go back to normal.  Wouldn’t that be lovely? But it can’t, thus we will continue to put on our courageous faces for the sake of the kiddos, we will continue to try our best to make this Christmas as special for our kids as we can and for our family that includes celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas. It’s a wonderful tradition that has been passed down over the generations. Not familiar with St. Nicholas Day?

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