Saying Bye-bye to our Local branch’s Legendary Librarian

From a young age I remember going to the library on a weekly basis to get new and exciting library books, Videos, cassette tapes, and of course, the piece de la resistance, story time! I would become elated with joy when the librarian would walk in with 3 books tucked under her arm and smile big and say good morning boys and girls. A huge grin would appear on my face when she said okay; it is time for our first story. I would look at my mom for that nod that said its okay; you can sit closer to see the pictures. Once I received that confirmation nod I would rush up front and intensely listen to the words while carefully reviewing each illustration. I so enjoyed story time and I was always happy to see the story time librarian, to me she was like a local celebrity.  In fact when she would approach me I found it difficult to talk, like she was some famous rock star are something.  Well, I have grown but my love for adventures found in books has remain and since I now have chidlren of my own I enjoy sharing the expereince with them.

I think it is actually more exciting from my perspective, as a parent. Sure I enjoyed the library and story time when I was young but there is something to be said about witnessing your own little blessings finding so much joy in the exploration of learning.  Like when my son becomes overjoyed with a book about his favorite superhero, or when our toddler claps uncontrollably during the first verse of the Itsy Bitsy Spider during story time, or better yet, our eldest daughter just learned how to read the easy reader series of books and the proud smile she bares when she completes a book on her own melts this mama’s heart.  And the day when our kindergartener and preschooler received their library card was right up there with the other many milestones in their young lives (they each received their library card at age 3, so our youngest isn’t quite there. This was our choice as parents; we factored in a lesson about responsibility). 

Our library, Sanger branch library has a really cool children’s reading area “A Walk in the Park” which contains larger than life scenes from the author Denise Flemings books.  The children really enjoy the space; there are intricate details that capture their little eyes such as a mouse cutout in the gate and lightning bugs that actually flicker. Parents like the fact that the space comes fully equimpt with a gate and all; moms can open and shut the gate as they please thus keeping little crawlers and new walkers within eye site.

Our kiddos have grown accustom to our library routine and the librarian who does story time. And just as the story time library was like a celebrity to me when I was a child our children’s librarian has very much become a celebrity in their lives too.  Our preschooler becomes so shy around her while our toddler runs up to her with pure elation, like a teenage who just met Justin Bieber. Ms. Kristin, the children’s story time librarian at Sanger branch library is definitely a local celebrity in our household. After all she is one of the few adults they have seen in their lives on a regular basis besides family. The kiddos each started off attending baby story time and now our eldest is in kindergarten and our youngest just attended her last baby story time (time to graduate to toddler story time…pass a tissue please) so she has definitely been a constant in their lives. So it was sad to hear that this past baby story time series would be her last at Sanger branch library.

We will miss seeing her on a weekly basis at our library but the good news is she hasn’t gone far.  She is now at the downtown main branch library which means we just got another reason to visit, besides the awesome kids’ library that includes computer and play area, fish aquarium, car, Dr. Seuss’ Cat-in-the-Hat figurine, and more.

So, we wish you the best of luck and fun at your new library Ms. Kristin and we look forward to visiting you very soon.

Does your child have a local celebrity? Maybe it is the cashier at the grocery store, the mail carrier (ours is more like our dogs favorite local celebrity, she always has treats for our dog), care provider during the day, etc.?