Momup! Monday: Tattoo Barbie

Mama’s to do list:

  • Morning drop off
  • Tape Power Ranger Costume (it has a huge whole on the shoulder, I really need to learn how to sew, duct taping is starting to look bad. He is going to look like a wounded Power Ranger and we can’t have that!)
  • Make the house look presentable (The in-laws are coming over for Halloween which is truly a blessing)
  • Clean out diaper bag (there is a funky smell coming from it, that is never good)
  • Momup! Monday
  • Make Princess Birthday Invitations
  • Get everything ready for trick or treating

Okay, the Power Ranger costume is patched up and my four-year-old is a little upset because it looks weird. But that is what happens when you start wearing your Halloween costume four weeks before Halloween and continue to wear it practically every day leading up to Halloween. That costume owes us nothing!

I located the funky smell that was coming from the diaper bag but, unfortunately I still can’t describe exactly what it is.  If I had to guess I would say a mashed up banana with a few goldfish, and a side of play-dough, but
that is just a guess.

Finally, I have a hot cup of tea in hand (my throat is killing me) and I am ready to Momup!

This week’s topic is: Tattoo Barbie


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So….what are your thoughts? Is she just a funky fashionista? If so, what image is she sending young girls? What would you tell you daughter or niece if she asked for this Barbie?