Tuesday’s Tip: Garage Organizing Made Easy


Let’s be honest that when it comes to organizing, the garage is one of the most difficult rooms in the home to tackle. In our home growing up it was consider the mecca of junk. If anything needed a place to go, by default, it always ended up in the garage. We have created 3 simple steps to get your garage organized this fall season.

Separate Your Storage

Sometimes organizing is as easy as separating your storage. Separating your storage into most used items (short-term storage) and less used items (long-term storage) helps you maintain a balanced, organized garage. Some of the long-term items we find in our home are holiday decorations, these are great for storing on overhead racks, it keeps your items up and out of the way but still accessible to you all year round. Keeping those short-term items closer to the ground on shelves or in cabinets creates a more efficient way to use your belongings. This is also a great way to prevent having to dig thru endless bins and piles of storage.


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Utilize Unused Space

A lot of homeowners tend to keep most of their storage on the ground. What we all fail to see is the unlimited space that surrounds our garages. One of the best ways to organize your garage is to get all of the stuff off the ground and utilize wall and ceiling space. Hang your belongings on designated shelving units or hooks, this gives them a proper storage space but also leaving your items accessible to you at all times. Ceiling racks are the best way to take advantage of that unused ceiling space. By utilizing unused space, organizing becomes a whole lot simpler and creates an easier way to maintain an organized garage for years to come.


Organized Garage Solutions

Get the Family Involved

Since I could remember we had designated days every year to clean out the garage. Getting the family involved is the best way to keep your garage organized. After all, it’s not just your stuff stacked in thereJ. Make it a fun project and lesson for the kids, teaching them the proper way to stay organized by creating designated places for their things to go. This is a fun way to not only get everyone involved, but to get everyone on the same page. Have each member of the family pick a place to store their belongings; designating those areas just for them so there is no confusion on where to find things.


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By following these 3 simple steps you are on the right track to a clean, custom organized garage. By separating your storage, utilizing unused space and getting the family involved maintaining an organized garage has never been easier. For more tips and tricks to getting your garage organized check out Organized Garage Solutions.


Organized Garage Solutions is your garage storage expert in Toledo. Specializing in garage shelving, cabinets, overhead storage and epoxy flooring they transform your garage from a cluttered mess to a fully functional organized space. Call today for your free, in-home estimate.

Tuesday’s Tip: Choose Joy


From a very young age my mother taught me that I have options and choices in life.  Of course there are the very obvious choices like what to wear in the morning, what book to read next, etc. But what she was referring to was how I chose to live my everyday life.  I could choose to be very cynical, I could keep “score” of other’s lives, complain and compare myself to others, etc. or I could find the joy.

I Choose Joy!

Granted my journey to Joy has not always been smooth and there have been a few bumps along the way but I think that is just part of the human process.  Every now and then I do have a moody moment and find myself caught up in cynicism.  It is in those moments that I take a step back and reflect on the situation and evaluate the issues.  I often find that the problem is fleeting and not worth surrendering my joy.  Taking down the Christmas decorations is the perfect example of a task in life where you have the option of complaining, making it a neutral task, or finding the joy.

Truth be told, I had initially planned on taking down the Christmas decorations and tree when the kiddos went to bed.  I figured it would just be easier that way and I could make certain everything was stored away properly.  I started going through a box in our dining room that contained Christmas gifts we had received and in it was a bunch of Gingerbread themed items.  My parents had given us the cutest basket full of nothing but Gingerbread men themed items like, a hot pad, tins, kitchen towels, large cookie pan in the shape of a gingerbread man, gingerbread  books, cups, plates, hot chocolate, and so much more. 

gingerbreadmenstuff 003

I figured I would just pack it all away for next year.  Then it dawned on me that I, we, none of us, are guaranteed tomorrow, let alone next year.  And then I repeated the phrase I say to myself every morning after first thanking God for another day…Live today as if it is your first, last, and best day of your life!.

So, instead of making the process of taking down the Christmas tree and decoration a boring and/or tedious task I busted out the gingerbread men basket and I chose Joy!

feelings_gingerbread 055

First we sat near the Christmas tree and had hot chocolate, chocolate cover gingerbread men, and talked about our favorite memories from Christmas 2012. I asked the kiddos to point out their favorite ornaments and I in turn pointed out mine (the ornaments the kiddos made of course, they are priceless…their little handprints, fingerprints, artistic expression, and I adore those that illustrate all three).

feelings_gingerbread 058

feelings_gingerbread 063

Then I read two books, The Gingerbread man and Ten Gingerbread Men. We discussed the books then put on some music and started taking down the Christmas decorations.

We had successfully taken something that could have otherwise been meaningless and put some joy into it and possibly came up with a great new family tradition.  

So, no matter what it is you have to get done today. Maybe it is changing the sheets, washing the floors, etc. put on some music and try to remove the idea that it need be a chore, add a little joy. Perhaps you have papers to grade, work that you need to bring home, light an aromatic candle, make your favorite beverage and sip on it while your finish your work, and add a touch of joy.  You have options in your life. Why waste this wonderful life you have been given on cynicism….what is keep you from your Joy?  We are not promised tomorrow, why waste today?

How do you find your Joy?





Tuesday’s Tip: Car Clutter AHH…

Car Clutter AHHHH……..

Car clutter is inevitable; you are a mom on the go, car pooling, practice, school, grocery store, parties, vacations, etc. In-between the various activities snacks are divvied out, water, juice box’s, baby biscuits, Cheerios, items to occupy time, etc.  There are often enough random eatable items left in our car to feed the family for at least a week, although, that is a diet plan I prefer to skip.  Granted, it is not just the children contributing to this mess, mommy also contributes to the clutter with a half-dozen coffee cups in the front seat. So, how do you maintain a semi clean car with your hectic schedule? You can keep the clutter at bay with this simple acronym, T.O.S.S.


T- Trash

Keep a small garbage bag in the front seat and one in the back with the children. Encourage children to throw all trash and any left over food items into the bag.  This includes you mom, you need to model good habits for the pairs of eyes watching you from the backseat, put the coffee cups in the trash.


Children leave behind various items, a few things I have found in my car includes, pencils, parts of pens, sweaters, underwear, socks, half grilled cheese sandwich (this one was embarrassing, had to move around car seats and a relative was the lucky grilled cheese sandwich winner), toys, keys, sunglasses, tissues, etc. Have children help remove any random objects after each days worth of errands.  If your children are too young to help than do this once a week.

The Handheld Shark is a must for Motherhood. I never travel without mine!


I always have a handheld vacuum plugged in and ready to go.  Grab the vacuum and sweep up any small items like Cheerios, leaves, dirt, etc. once a week.  When you go on a long journey bring the handheld vacuum with you as well as the charger.  Traveling is much easier in a clean vehicle.

S- Sanitize

Once you have tossed the trash, removed the objects, and swept the vehicle it is time to remove any germs that are not seen by the naked eye. I keep a hand towel and small spray bottle filled with vinegar, water, and lemon juice for this very purpose. Spray down the door handles, any random sticky goo, cup holders, radio, and don’t forget your steering wheel; it has nine times more germs than a public restroom (makes you want to wash your hands? Go ahead, I will wait).

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